Ford Motor Company / 2008 super duty diesel truck

United States

Since our Ford diesel engine (6.4) crashed and burned on September 30, 2017, 400 miles from home, we have been searching for a replacement truck to pull our 5th wheel. The Ford Dealership gave us $6000 for our truck after telling us a new engine would cost $18, 000. Why would be we want another 6.4 engine? We would had rather gotten the Kelly Blue Book value of $22, 000 before the engine blew. Now that would have made a difference. But because of that 6.4 diesel engine we lost the value of our truck. It had only 84, 000 miles. Our 6.4 engine was rebuilt two years ago for $5, 300. We were 1000 miles from home and there was only 65, 000 miles on the truck. Basically we got less that 20, 000 miles on the rebuilt engine. Wow, I haven’t thought about it that way! After that repair Ford said we would have no more problems with that engine. I wrote Ford 3 different times when the head gaskets leaked and the engine was rebuilt. I was ask to quit writing Ford.

Sep 17, 2017

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