Ford Motor Company / 2008 ford escape loss of 2nd and 4th gear/ wrench light

Dearborn, MI, United States
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I purchased a used 2008 Ford escape with 69, 980 miles. No complaints till hit 89, 000 miles when all if a sudden there was no 2nd and 4th gear. The yellow wrench light came on. Now it is in limp mode. I did internet research on this. Said over 368 complaints just on this specific problem, specifically on the 2008 Ford escape. I tried resetting the PCM. Did not fix problem. Replaced the throttle control sensor. Did not fix problem. Now that leaves the 2nd & 4th gear band assembly. I called and got 3 estimates, they ranged fron$1900-$3000. Part cost $89 and a new transmition cost $1700. Replacing this part can be done without having to remove transmition and said to about 2hours. My complaint in if this is a common issue why aren't you replacing part or fixing this? There has been several investigations and still nothing! This is the first ford I purchased and WILL BE THE LAST! Which is a shame because I love my truck. Just can't afford to fix it. So I will park it and pray ford owns up to their faulty parts and assimbly and fixes this. And I will make sure everyone I know and everyone I meet knows about how Ford knowingly put in defective parts on many vehical so they could make money fixing them. Think about it. All these ( throttle control sensor and 2nd & 4th gear band ) go bad at 89, 000 mile.

May 6, 2017

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