Ford Motor Company / 2007 ford freestyle limited edition

My mileage is about 163,000 roughly, over the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing issues with my dashboard and headlights flickering as I drive at night. And the car idles down and while driving it feels like it might cut off which is scary for me. I got the throttle body cleaned, the air filters checked. I got it checked for codes, and there where no codes or warning lights. I am a single parent with no support system. To make matters worse is that I am a delivery driver which is my only source of income. I am upset because this is the second ford freestyle I have had to purchased in the last 4 years I am $16, 000 in the whole for these two vehicles and they both have electrical issues. The other was a 2006 ford freestyle sel. I don't have the money to deal with another factory issue. I only take my car to licensed repair shops. Took it to a ford dealership and he said that he feels like its an electric issue but it would be expensive to diagnose and fix... I already know what that means, which is that I will have to buy a whole mother truck and deal with car notes again for the 3rd time. Ford makes these cars that keep going bad and should fix it if it was not caused by the driver. How can both my car at different years have the same problems?? I need help because if I loose my car, I loose all my income omg help please...

Jun 02, 2018

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