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My husband and I went to HB Ford to purchase a Ford Edge on Friday. After 5 hours of negotiations with three different sales reps and managers, we finally came to an agreement. The same agreement we decided on over the phone before we got there! We only decided to purchase the vehicle to take advantage of the Cash for Clunkers program and my X-plan I get through work .There should have been no negotiating, we were also taking advatage of the 0% financing for 5 years (so there was no finance charges to factor in) We finally made it into the finance room to sign the agreement, when thay told us our DMV registration print out (that we gave them when we got there) was not accepted. OMG we were so frustrated by then, to say the least. We left with the understanding the finance manager would fax the DMV print out to Cash for Clunkers program for approval and call us Monday. We ended up calling them and they told us they sold the car on Saturday! My husband went down to HUNTINGTON BEACH FORD to pick up our original registration, DMV print(we stood in line 2 hours to get) and my work program paper work; they told us THEY SHREDDED IT!


  • When we took possion of our Edge from Oasis Ford, NJ it was March - the only option I wanted was a remote start, the car didn't have one and in order to make the sale Oasis agreed to install one. We left the showroom with our new car, and an appointment to bring it in to have the start installed. In the meantime, I drove the car and discovered that when my daughter who's 14, 5'1" and 112 lbs. sat in the front passenger seat the air bag light went on and off intermittently. We could be parked in the driveway or going down the street, the light would go on and stay on for a while and then go off. Sometime this happened within a few seconds of sitting at a red light. When we went back to have the remote installed we told them about this, they put it on the computer and told us nothing was wrong, maybe she was sitting in the seat wrong, or maybe she moved. We brought the car back two additional times after that for the same reason and still NO! the computer says its fine.

    I start to notice little things, i.e. I heard a "POP" in the car they dashboard went out and then back on, I told them about that they couldn't find anything wrong (I guess I must have been imagining these things). Turned on directionals - hazards went on, directional bulbs melted. Brought it back again to what is now called Able Ford, explained everthing to them. Told them please if you need to keep it to solve the problems, please do, just give me a loaner and keep me informed. Got a called the next day saying that the remote start that was installed was NOT a Ford product and it was causing electrical problem, if I wanted a Ford start it would cost me $150, why would I pay for this, I purchased a Ford car, from a Ford dealer, why would I assume they would put anything but a Ford part in there. We heard nothing from them again until 3 weeks later when we called them, they had my car for 3 weeks put 248 miles on it and said there was nothing wrong. Within 3 days of getting it back the light began going on. I now have a car with no remote start and a defective airbag light. Called them again, again we met at Able with the service manager and the field service rep. Took the car for a ride and of course the light didn't go on. However, we brought with us a video of the light going on in the car, I drove and my husband sat in the back seat with a camera to show them, they had not interest. They again said that unless the computer detects a problem, they can't do anything. The Rep did say he was going to make a few phone calls and find out about putting in the remote start. Two weeks passed and nothing, finally after numerous calls with no one returning them a customer service rep told us the complaint was closed and they weren't doing anything, not even the remote start.

    Not only does the ford product suck so does the customer service, not to mention the dealers. Ford said it up to the dealer, the dealer said it's up to ford.

    Never again - next car will NOT BE A FORD and I plan on telling my story to as many people that will listen!

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