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The past tuesday 01-06-09 I made a phone call to Ford Credit Customer Service from my work. I forgot my account number to made a payment, a customer representitive answer and then she askme about my name and social security number, after this, the representative was tranfer the call to other department. The loss prevention department answer the call. I spoke with Mr. Miller a Investigate associate for Ford Credit. I ask him for my account number, then when he was looking on the system, hi told me that I was late in my payments, I explained to him that I knew about it, and that was the reason why I was calling to made my payment (I was 49 days late), he was making very unprofessional comments about myself, he said: Mrs. Lorena Why you always late, I made my payments on my bills, why you don't do yours??"he was very nasty, I told him I had some problems but am calling today to made my payment, the he said ok give me your information I going to take your payment, I request to him that I decide to speak to someone else, because I did'nt appreciate the way he was talking to me and I don't want to give any info abuot my bank account to him. He denied to transfer the call, so I request to speak to his manager or supervisor but he denied as well, he told me that he was the only person that I have to talk with, then he threaten me, he said"I know were you work, and going to send some one to pick up my car", after this he hang up the phone. I went to a meeting at my work, after 30 minutes I came back to my office and I call again Ford Credit to try to talk to some one to made my payment, while I was talking with another Representative, that he was willing to take my payment, one of my co-workers noticed that my car was being town for an unkwon town truck. I run outside and my car was gone, I came back into the office and I speak with the representative, I asked him why they take my car?? He explained to me that it was weird because I was only 49 days, he told me that normaly takes 90 days before they repo any car. Mr. Miller was the person responsable for the incident taht I have last tuesday. I am very up-set to see how some people can abuse of the sistem and take advance of their positions. Now am trying to recover my car in is a nightmare, because I have to pay extra $360.00 to the repo company, because Mr. Miller want to be rude and he decide to not give customer service and transfer the phone to another representative or his supervisor. This is the worse experience I ever had in my life, this person was threat me like I was a criminal or a most wanted person in florida. I made the call to report a payment and because he didn't hear what he want from me he take the desicion to made the order to reposes my car?, this is unfear, the economic right now is in very bad shape for every single citizen in this country. I am a single mother a full time employed and a full time student, why this horroble think happend. I spoke with some many people in Ford Credit, some of them agree that it was a mistake another people for the investigation department, was acting like they don't care, becausethey told they got what they want the car, and after this they don't care any more. Finaly I spoke with Millie Canino she was wonderfull she help me on everything, and now am in the process to get my car back. This is the first complaint I want to do, and I will be doing as much I can to avoid for another person to get those horribles mistakes. This people should get better training on customer service.

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  • Me
      Jan 30, 2009

    ok english is not your first language, that much is a given. however i believe you're leaving out key details. from your single long paragraph it sounds as if your account was deemed a high risk, meaning you are prob never on time with your payments & never call ford credit when you're late. your account must have already been out for repo for them to get to your car so fast after your call. if you read your contract you will see they have the right to pick up a vehicle after only 1 day past due so i dont know where the "you cant repo my car until im 90 days past due" came into play. anyways, hope everything works out for you and you were able to get your car back

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  • Mo
      Jun 26, 2009

    dear meh. sounds like your as big a jerk as the guys at ford. I too have had problems with them, called told them I was laid off and worked out plan, followed them took my truck anyway, got nothing but rude people that obviously have job security!!! You need to see if they're hiring!!!

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  • Uo
      Sep 17, 2009

    Ford Credit is run by a bunch of a**holes who the majority of don't speak good English. There is a special place in hell for most of them, especially Sherry Johnson and Belinda Navis of Ford Credit in Deerfield Beach, Fl.

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  • Ca
      Oct 24, 2009

    I had the same exact situation. They took my vehicle. I was 60 days late on a payment. I moved and they could not contact me for a week but took my vehicle because they thought I tried to escape with it. They didn't even give me time to update my phone number and new address. They are RUDE, one representative even ridiculed my terminal illness aksing "why are you in the hospital so much?" I explained that I had lupus and that I get sick sometimes. She told me "Well you knew you were sick when you bought the car". So after almost 3 years of payments they repossessed it because I didn't talk to them on the phone when they were trying to reach me. I would advise EVERYBODY no matter how desperate you are for a vehicle to never, ever ever do business with ford credit. They are heartless, their rates are high, and if you lose your job they repossess your car immediately because you have to have a job in order to keep your car according to the contract. They have some shady business practices and are rude to their customers.

    DO NOT GET A LOAN FROM FORD CREDIT. If you are applying for a loan through the dealer and not your bank, make sure you ask if they are using ford credit. If they say yes, tell them to please find another loan company.

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  • My
      Nov 17, 2009

    My complaint is with the lease return. The car was in pristine condition. I even take out the mats and put drug store mats in so when I return the car their original mats are in perfect condition. I did all my maintenance directrly with Ford (oil changes tire rotations etc).

    When I went to return the car the dealer said it was in good condition and not to worry everything looked great (except for a small grocery cart ding).

    I received a bill from Ford Credit for over 600.00 for tires as they said they were about 3 sheets of paper thick below the allowed tread. ( I had 36, 000 miles on tires with a 42, 000 mile warenty...go figure) so I was charged 175.00 each for 3 tires the ding and some other scratches (that were also very minor).

    I c alled to dispute and the people at For Credit were so rude. I was never late with my payment ever and I was treated like a low life. They would not connect me to anyone in charge...April and think you are so tough...go to college...get a real two are loosers!!! I hope your ### get huge sitting in your cubicle eating hohos and treating people badly while robbing them blind. Remember, what goes around comes around!

    I will never lease a car from Ford period. When I called the dealer to let them know what they were doing, he said if I were to lease a car with him again he would take care of the bill. What a bunch of crooks. Keep it up guys, you will be in as much trouble as GM. I am leasing foreign next time .

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  • Jm
      Feb 02, 2010

    I just had my car repo'd last week from Ford. Was 60 days past due and coming up on being 90. Every single day, I have been calling them and they have been telling me the same thing over and over again. I need to call back tomorrow because my account information has not been updated yet. They told me that it takes 24-48 hours for that to happen. Well, its been a week now. I can't get any information on how much this is going to cost me. My car was a lease, I had 4 payments to go. I will try to call them again tomorrow and see what happens.

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  • Ne
      Jul 24, 2010

    Meh, in African language means "Goat!" and I will not be surprised that he/she works at Ford. What a shame. Meh never looked at the totality of the complainant's story but instead focused on the complainant's linguistics.

    Ford credit is a poor organization. And that is a fact. They hound you with robotic calls that drives you crazy. I am an attorney and have nerver recieved more complaint from any other organization than the unprofessional ford.

    Regardless of the contract language, it is a standard industrial practise that a customer is given up to ninety (90) days to make a payment. The creditor is also allowed to punish the creditee by reporting late payment to the credit reporting agency. Then lastly, repo the car. If a person was offering to make a payment then why would a creditor go ahead and repo the car. The only reason for this is bad service coupled with bad shameless persons like "goat" trying to defend it.

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  • Ha
      Sep 28, 2018

    @neutralite Good For you Well Put--

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  • Ha
      Sep 28, 2018

    I am not late on payments and never have been. I pay two payments at a time and have so for almost a year.. well Ford credit did not process the payments. once I found out they did tell me I authorized but where not processed for some reason... they did refund me the late fees ---But dinged my credit for being late??? I was not.. I have the confirmation number ---So now I need to write a letter to the 800 pound ford credit giant basically begging them to do the write thing and remove it --- they are rude and just nasty the different is I bought 5 fords and was buying 2 more this year for my company ---as I said was --the thing you need to know is even if ford credit and ford say they are different companies they are not the profits go in the same pocket like Chevy GM!!! so --don't by a Ford/Chevy and that what I am doing --now if they do the right thing by removing it from my credit and send me a sorry and some coffee. I will consider -- the sad thing is all the banks and car companies are operating on tax payers money --that our money that the DEMs gave to them!!! Yes our money to treat you and I like crap and keep them in jobs... We are the working people and have two choices let them keep using us or this upcoming election vote the Dems out of office!!! The Dems are there friends not yours or mine - Dems claim big business and banks are bad but keep giving them our money and yes Obama did kept them in there over paid jobs and did not let them walk our path in getting repossessed and losing our jobs but let the same people that keep treating us like crap keep there jobs and houses cars. Dems claiming to be for the poor and against the rich but keep giving there friend the banks and car companies our money so they don't have to looses a thing --because they think we are stupid --If the Dems had let them get repossessed like all of us normal everyday people loose there job and car reprocessed like the rest of us having to fight our way out.. I promise you they would be treating you better --- if you where in there position how would you treat people --- Something to think about when Dems say there are for you ???? last 8 years should remind you of what you lost.. I was lucky that I was able to work thought this and not loose everything.. Just think about what I said --I am not for either party trust me but look at the facts.. We allowed the Dems to bail out so they have no idea what we had to endure--- Made me stronger and wakeup to what the Dems did to us

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