Food Lion / madison heights va

The manager there Robin is unprofessional treats her employees like they are slaves doesn't do anything to help anyone yells in front of customers also will not hire when there is a sign on the door that says we are hiring now for any help. The store is a mess there is mildew in the Delhi area case. The bathrooms look like they have never been cleaned there is a man dressed up as a woman that goes in the women's bathroom that is employed there. The only one that is a very good employee he works in the dairy section his name is Eric. I asked him where something was and he showed me he was very nice and head very good customer skills. I noticed that he was wearing a back brace note a very young guy about in his twenties. I am pretty sure that they work him like a dog. When I came from the bathroom his manager was standing there talking to him as if he was illiterate which he seem very intelligent to me. I think that this is ridiculous the way that they treat their employees around customers if they cannot do their own jobs why are they so hard on just a regular employee. As I was coming outside there was two drunk's men that were harassing women and asking people for money for beer. This absolutely disgusted me I will never return to you Food Lion ever again.

Aug 21, 2018

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