Food Lion / cashiers had bad customer service

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I went into the store to pick up a few items this morning and when I get ready to checkout, the cashier told me she couldn't ring me up because she hadn't logged it and she had an attitude as well. So I just went to next cashier. When she saw that, she told me I could come back to her register, but I'm like this if you give me an attitude, don't expect me to kiss your butt and come back. So I just stayed where I was at in line behind a couple of customers. Once the other cashier waited on me she asked me was I in a hurry. I told her no. I had to get to the line that was open. They only had one line open besides the other cashier who didn't want to wait on me. I felt like the other cashier didn't even want to wait on me.

Food Lion needs to have some type of customer service training for their cashiers. They act like they're not even working. If they don't want to wait on customers quit your job and give it to someone else who wants to work. There's no reason to take out your personal problems on anyone else.

Nov 30, 2016

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