Florida Power & Light [FPL]deposit charge

My late fathers name was in the bill. I have to close that account and open a new one in my name. I am being charged a deposit fee of $330.00. They say that amount is based on my credit score. I have a credit score of 780.
To be charged a deposit for doing little to nothing is robbery. I am retired and on a limited budget.
This is wrong. I have paid on time. We have been a customer at this address for over 60 years always paying on time.
Totally disgusted with customer service and more so with FPL.
The closed account bill, deposit and new electric charges I will have to pay over a $1000.00.
I don't make a million a year plus receive a bonus on top like the CEO.
Having to make a deposit is just wrong

Nov 26, 2018

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