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FlightHub Nightmare!
My experience with FlightHub has been a nightmare! I originally booked 2 tickets from New York to Amsterdam for $424 a ticket. When I received my email confirmation, my wife’s name had been misspelled. I immediately contacted FlightHub and was told that there would be a $75 charge to change the spelling. Wow, $75 for their mistake? I said there has to be a better solution. After some discussion it was recommended that I cancel the original tickets and re-book with no cancellation fee or change fee.
On the same phone call we began to proceed with that process when I was told that seats were not available on my original flight and that a similar flight could be booked for about $30 more per ticket. I stated that I had just cancelled 2 seats and they should be available. Not so per the FlightHub rep. Out of frustration, I agreed, as long as the new tickets were the same date with the same departure airport and destination. After the new tickets were booked I was told how lucky I was that the FlightHub rep was able to book the exact same flight as I had originally booked. Wow, lucky me, I just got stuck with an additional charge of $30 per ticket for the same tickets!
One month later, 30 days before our flight was scheduled to depart, I contacted FlightHub to see if I could change my flight date to May instead of flying in March. I had already seen the exact same flight availability and exact same $424 price for a May flight thru the same online FlightHub - British Airways booking site. In fact even the departure day of the week and time was the same. When I contacted FlightHub and talked with a female representative, she said there would be a $150 charge per ticket to cancel. I hung up and talked to my wife and we decided to cancel and re-book. We assumed that we would receive a $608 credit back to our original charge. ($909-$300=$608)
When I called FlightHub back, I was connected to the “Flight Expert” who explained that I would be charged the $150 cancellation fee per ticket plus a $300 per ticket fee from British Airways for a total of $450 per ticket. That amount was more that my original quoted price of $424 and nearly the same as by $454 corrected spelling price, and now they could resell our two seats! Wow! What a deal for them! Why would I cancel my tickets to save $8? ($454x2= $908 vs a refund of $450x2= $900)
Wait, it gets better. I originally charge my tickets on Visa and paid the bill. I could not get confirmation from the FlightHub, “Flight Expert” that the original Visa charge would be credited back to my account. Instead, the “Flight Expert” said I would be charged a new charge of $150 x2 = $300 and $300 x 2 = $600 for a total of $900 in cancellation fess and then receive a $278 credit from my original charge. What?
So let’s do the math: $424 per ticket original quote plus $30 per ticket for misspelled name to one ticket = $454 per ticket = $908 now add the $150 x 2 ($300) and the $300 x 2 ($600) cancellation fee and we are at a total of $1, 808. A credit of $278 (where that comes from I don’t know) would be applied leaving a total charge for tickets (not used) of $1530 or $765 per ticket! I only paid $454 per ticket! Why would I cancel the tickets? I can save $311 ($765-$454) per ticket by doing nothing!!!
Best of all, “The Flight Expert” would not allow me to talk to a supervisor or other representatives of FlightHub! He continually told me I was not listening and that he could only follow British Airways rules. I hung up and called back and to my surprise, the same “Flight Expert”!
Finally, I called back and got another FlightHub rep. And guess what? It was all true. I would be charged my original charge of $908 and then be charged $900 more before receiving a $278 credit. She agreed that it didn’t seem right and said if I would hold on, she would see if she could convert the British Airway cancellation fees into future flight credits. After about 5 minutes she returned and said I qualified for a $600 future flight credit with British Airways, but that there would be an additional charge of $300 per ticket and she did not think that was a very good option. Duh, you think!
These guys are a bunch of double talking crooks. They never intend to give you any type of credit or refund because they apply new charges equal to or more than any credit they are willing to issue and maintain the original charge. In my case $908 original cost of tickets, $900 in cancellation fees and a $278 credit. Resulting in a final surcharge of $622 over and above the ticket price to cancel.
Bottom line, $1808 in charges for a $278 credit. Total trip cost to cancel and not go, $1530 !!!
And my 2 seats would then be available to resell !!

Feb 4, 2017
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  • Ar
      15th of Apr, 2017

    The are no facts, which show any losses resulted from the British airways / agent's acts:
    the author failed to show the dates/tyme of travel / flight numbers / class numbers.
    The agent is not obliged to provide the exact class of the service due to a passenger''s wish only.
    The time requered for the distribution of seats depends of the data flow between different reservation systems.
    The agent gave the explanations, according to the author.
    Neither the British airways or their agent must not give any additional explanation for you due to the lack of class seating possibilities..
    The author show different calculations which are not connected to any exact loss.
    The complaint looks groundless completely.

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