Flighthub / illegal sale and no refund

United States

Flighthub sold me a ticket that was ineligible to board the plane. They said would refund me the money and kept me on hold for almost 3 hours until the airplane left and then came back on the phone to say I was a no show on the flight while I was physically standing in front of Delta service desk 3 1/2 hours before boarding time. They deleted all the documentation Delta put on the ticket and after agreeing that they would reimburse me if I paid another $250. After I paid it then they said they would not reimburse me because there was no documentation saying they agreed to the reimbursement. Flighthub is a complete crook and I'm going to pursue this until I get my $992 back!! [censored] scammers!! Customer service and their management is complete robbery!!

Feb 9, 2019

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