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Montreal, Canada
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I booked a flight with cancelation insurance that I paid to prevent any fees as I was not certain for the flight, I called to cancel, I was on the phone for over 2hours(I have the screen shot) the rep told me its no problem, they will cancel it with no extra fee, and they will refund not only the ticket but also the money I paid for insurance, I said thats great, then she put me on hold and then told me you have to pay a fee because she canceled my insurance and I dont have insurance anymore to cover the cost, I talked with the supervisor, she backed the other rep, Then she came up with a higher fee that i had to pay, I agreed without my will just to get it over, then they called me asking for more money, I accepted without my will, then they called again asking for more, I don't understand how could a company do this and get away with it, anyways, I have not been refunded yet and just been charged more.

Please advise.


May 6, 2017

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