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I joined fitness first about a month ago, attracted by their "7 days free trial". However, even before the trial started, they made (like I must signed a contract and provide bank details, and if I din't, I won't get to use the facilities) me into signing a contract with them and told me lot of craps.

Honestly, the staff at menara mbf totally failed to impress upon me their customer service (yet claimed to be the biggest gym). It was so bad but because I desperately needed exercise and yearned for a healthy lifestyle, I joined. From day one, the impression they given is me they care only for their commission.

Since I joined, I was only able to use my membership card for the first and third time. As for the second and fourth times, I was not able to use because of problems with my bank, etc.

And few days ago, I got a call from my "supervisor" a.K. A a sales person asking "if I had paid my bills and if not, her commission would be cut." hearing this, I was dumbfounded nevertheless asked her to just deduct from my bank account. She said there were problems with my bank again and said would check for me. I told her I was fed up with fitness first as there had been so many problems since day one.

I called back the second day and she said my bank was still checking my application, even if it has been a month and I asked my supervisor lots of questions, like the position I am in, would I be charge late payment interest, and how long this problems gona persists so I could get ready to pay by cash, etc which I think is very common for any customers.

Yet, she failed to answer my questions, instead she said thank you for joining (all the crap) and hang up my call. When I called back and asked for clarifications on my position, she not only failed to answer, she cried. Omg. She really cried. I got fed up and I hang up the call, as this is really ridiculous from the beginning. She kept asking me not to scold her and I kept telling her I was scolding but asking for clarification, (I lost count of how many times I said this). The funny thing is none of my friends / colleagues believe I am capable of making a person cry.

Now, I really regret joining fitness first. I really want to terminate the contract.

Any advice?

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      Aug 27, 2009

    Fitness First is a big scam!, they give 7 days free trial. When i signed up i asked them can i cancel my membership within these 10 days and they said YES. When i came to cancel my membership they said that the manger is not it come back tomorrow. So i came back and still the same answer "Manager Not in In" They told me she will be back on Friday.. so here i come Again on friday... they kept me waiting for like half an hour and then guess what they told me? ..."SORRY MANAGERS NOT IN TODAY..SORRY WE WILL CALL U ON MONDAY" On Monday i was waiting for there call but the didnt call! [censored] LIARS BIGGEST SCAMMERS I EVER KNOW is FITNESS FIRST!!!

    and now they sent me a letter from debt collecters ..they asking for £400 !!! SUCH BASTA*s

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