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I would like to inform you that my frustration and disappointing on fitness first that charging me rm147.00
For 10 months without my acknowledge and I do not use their facilities I do not check the statement since
My post address at klang. Which is seldom I go, anyhow I would believe I only pay the amount that I authorized.

I spoke to fitness first manager and he denied and do not agree that cancellations through the phone I made since
Term condition not applicable but one of staff the name firdaus manage to terminate my contract through the
Phone, and I realize someone signature in my signature column which can view the fax over together with
Hsbc dispute form.

Mr. Salleh the manager of fitness first refuse to give gm contact no or mailing add and he said he can’t do anything
I can’t see anyone since the mr. Salleh said not his problem.

I only start paying hsbc credit once this total amount dispute otherwise with the evidence I have will proceeds
To another step of authority even the media, fitness first failed to solve my inquiry and now I hope hsbc
Would give hand on pertaining regards.

Hope hear soon from you…

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Worthing, GB
Nov 12, 2010 8:38 am EST
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I've lost so much money with Fitness First...their costumer services are absolutely usless and cought them lying so many times!Therefore I started a group on facebook 'Join the battle against Fitness First' to stop this massive SCAM company. Please join as many as you can and spread the word!

, MY
Oct 14, 2014 11:43 am EDT

Think twice before signing up at Fitness First!
Fitness first continued charging me for 3months after my contract expired. I lodged a complain 1.5months ago and requested for a refund. So far I have only received an apology call and no news about the refund. An apology is courteous, but it does not cost RM680.52. Please avoid Fitness First if you value your money!

Replied from Fitness First Malaysia:

Fitness First Malaysia Hi Gillian, we wish to advise that memberships renew automatically upon maturation of their minimum commitment period. In your case, your membership matured on 31st July 2014. Should you wish for your membership to end on that date, a formal request would need to be submitted by the 30th June 2014. Based on our record, you submitted your request in September and our Team managed to help you end your membership on 30th September 2014. Therefore, no further payment is taken from 1st October 2014 onward. Hope this helps clarify.
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American Academic
New York, US
Feb 06, 2011 6:21 pm EST

I joined Fitness First in Bangkok for a five month term because I was hired by a local University for a short term engagement. I was told both at the beginning and the end of the term that my membership would cease after five months. They have continued to charge my card even after I have returned to the USA, long after the contract period expired.

Now I have been re-hired and will return to Bangkok for five years. I am looking for a gym. Think I will return to Fitness First? NOT A CHANCE! They are immoral, unethical, and just commit deceitful and bad business practices. Perhaps they squeezed an additional few months of money from me, but now they have LOST five years of membership dues. Shame, shame, shame1

nosmo king
, SG
Aug 31, 2009 12:34 pm EDT


Any local gym that employs foreign expats as their Club General Manager, their fitness director, their what have yous directors are a bunch of scammers, especially Fitness First all through out Asia. Its a gym for crying out loud and NOT developing BIO FUEL !

You do not need imported brainless himbos chasing skirts and in some ocassion.. jock straps to run local gyms. We got plenty of them locally.

and yes, i was a victim of the Fitness First Scam! only difference is I fought back. So, whats the lesson learned here? FORGET ABOUT THOSE INTERNATIONAL GYM BRANDS! SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL NEIGHBOURHOOD GYM!

Think about for a moment folks!

, MY
Aug 11, 2009 4:15 am EDT


It is as if their policy is to defraud their clients.

I have one friend whose credit card was charged even after he quit the club.

I thought i would be careful, and actually signed a cancellation form for 6 months later, at the time i signed up. (This is at the Damansara Uptown branch). About a year after the expiry of my membership, i find out that Fitness First has been continuously charging my credit card every month (I used a supplementary credit card when i joined, so the pricipal cardholder had been paying this unknowingly every month).

When i called them, they said i didnt come in in person to cancel the membership. When i pointed out i had ALREADY cancelled the membership (albeit for a future date) at the time of signing up, they asked me to fax a copy of this document to them. I was curious that they wouldnt have a copy, but i still complied.

One week later when i called back and asked for the person who i spoke to previously, they said there was no such person. I went thru the whole thing again with another lady. She seemed helpful and said she would call me back. And she did! She informed me that she had passed the issue to management and i would hear back soon.

After a week of not hearing back, i called her and she said it was being worked on. I called about once in a week for a few weeks, with the same sort of response. After a while, they used to inform me that she was busy every time i called, and that she would return the call. Unfortunately, no one called me back. This continued for months.

Incredibly, Fitness First continued to charge me during this period too! My mistake for not complaining to the bank and stopping payment.

Finally, many months after my complaint, and dozens of phone calls, the money was refunded to me.

I have heard similar stories several times now. I feel that the manner in which this whole thing happened was not accidental. It seemed a deliberate attempt to, first, stealthily continue to charge the client even after membership expiry, and second, to make it as difficult as possible for the client to recover the money that was taken.

For those about to sign up, beware their tactics. There are also several bizarre clauses in their contract. For those who are being defrauded, consider the following options: direct contact, the Consumer Association, media, webpages/blogs, lawyer's notice (tedious, and they know it), police report. There is even the option of going to the venue and making a scene.

Good luck

, JO
Jul 26, 2009 4:06 am EDT

Dear Team

I would like to express my deep disappointment from your gym!

I want to explain to you my problem! I have been unethically sold your gym membership! While the sales person sat with me, he showed me that Fitness First will be the best working out experience I will ever have. And he gave me promises he didnt meet after selling me the membership!

The service in the gym was terrible, I wasnt paid any attention, the receptionist was very irresponsible, and I didnt get a call for my "Tripple Pack" appointment... No one taught me how to use the machines, and I wasnt able to recognize who is the trainer and who isnt... I visited the gym only TWICE. Then I was fed up with this irresponsible service, so I decided to terminate my membership...

I went to the General Manager, who refused at the beginning to terminate my membership, and he expected from me to pay for the whole 6 months for a bad service! We had huge arguments, and he fought with me... Until he finally agreed to terminate it.. But he refused to give me my money back... He said, he has no authority in this!

This is very disappointing.. I never expected such an act from a reputable gym... its true when they say that you dont know what you are up to until you try it!

I now request you to do something to get my money back... Im paying USD 350.- for 2 visits only? And they werent a good experince at all! I believe this is called Fraud, and fooling the customers just to get money... This is totally unacceptable!

You can find bellow all my contact details... Please solve this problem as soon as possible, as I just hate your gym... I have seen nothing but problems and bad quality for service since I joined... I hope that the Head Office service will be better...

A very unsatisfied Customer!

Oct 07, 2008 8:01 pm EDT


Fitness First Bad Service
Aug 06, 2008 12:18 am EDT

Hi All,
Want to let the CEO of Fitness First Australia know how you feel.
Let Tony De Leede know how much you love him
If you cant get him on this exact address try a few variations as by the time you send him an email a few hundred others might have already beat you to it and he might have already changed it.
Happy Times Tony

nathalie amariat
Jul 09, 2008 2:41 am EDT


nathalie amariat
Jul 09, 2008 2:39 am EDT

AFTER READYING a lot of complaints regarding this compagny, i now realised that i am not the only one so disapointed really. i have been full also by this company.
signed and aggreed a contract for 37, 95 per month, and i am now beeing asked to pay the double that amount. they are claiming this was only the administration cost. YEAH RIGHT.. is this how they do business ? i beleive they are getting a lot of poeple screwed with that system.
i am so angry with them and will probably have to pay it, but god, what can we do stop that. this is not possible right ?
i have a signed contract and they want me topay double the amount. they never took money from my account for 3 months and then one month they finally took out 71 euros, claiming that this was the monthly fee. ? am i dreaming, ? is this possible ? can we let a company do that ?
god, i am going to do everything i can to make my word heard. even for 40 euros, . i do not beleive they can get away with everything i am reading on this blog..