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Fifth Third Bank / total disregard of customers

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I was a faithful customer of Fifth Third Bank for years, always paying my loan payment on time. I am no longer a customer. I feel this is hands-down the WORST BANK EVER! I have dealt with many banks and creditors, and none of have shown more poor customer service than that of Fifth Third bank. They harass you by phone over piddly things related to your account, fraudulently slam you with interest-first loans without your knowledge, and much more. When you phone customer service, their reps are EXTREMELY rude and refuse to allow you to speak to supervisors. They say they care for their customers, yet treat them this way and offer no access to speak with supervisors or make any complaints about service. I would STRONGLY reccommend that people STAY AWAY from this bank or from getting anything financed through this bank. My family is now somehow in debt over $10, 000.00 to this bank and have made numerous efforts to resolve this, only to get ill-mannered trash reps who have no sense of common courtesy. FIFTH THIRD BANK IS HOOORRRIIIBBLLLEEE!

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      19th of May, 2010
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    Oh I feel you totally on Fifth Third. I had a checking account with them for six years and they have handled tens of thousands of dollars of my money over the years. Everything seemed fine until my account went into the negative by a whopping 91 cents! I checked my balance online and I saw that I was in the negative a little bit, so I went to an ATM to deposit a few dollars so I would not get hit with overdraft fees. Bear in mind that it was 10:30 PM so I could not just walk into the branch and make a deposit. Next thing I know I get hit with almost $40 in overdraft fees for being 91 cents in the red...not only that, but I made a deposit before the fee I went into the branch the next day to resolve the issue.

    This is where it gets interesting - the woman behind the counter was extremely rude and basically treated me like an idiot - I even showed her the ATM deposit receipt. So I asked to speak to the head teller...she said she was the head teller!! With that attitude? Wow! So I asked to speak with her boss - conveniently he was away. Then I straight up told her I would take my business elsewhere if this was not resolved in a manner to my satisfaction. She simply nodded her head and told me to go right ahead! I wish I had a video camera with audio on me at the time - I would have caught her name and emailed the video to the CEO.

    So in hopes of contacting someone in corporate in Cincinnati, I called the 1-800 number. This lady was a downright b***h! I explained the situation to her and she curtly and very condescendingly admonished me that I should be more careful with my account. At this juncture, I've had enough. So I write a very telling letter to the BBB. In fact, I even included a copy of their account regulation handbook with the appropriate rules highlighted. Fifth Third's response once again was essentially, and may as well have been, a middle finger.

    Fifth Third has lost a customer and a potential investor for life!

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      5th of Jun, 2010
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    i hope Fifth Third bank rotts in h?$%!!! i can't believe there is not a Complaint on bbb website, , something need 's to be done!! i ve done read 100's of complaints! has anyone out there tried to do something, , and i don't mean call there stupid head office in ohio, , that i know what get ya nowhere?is there someone like a lawyer i can get in contact with or something, , if so let me know!

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      4th of Jan, 2011
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    You people are the [censored]es tellers hate because you dont bother to learn the rules and policies, however you blindly point the finger of blame at the person who has nothing to do with your careless financial habits. Learn that what you did is against what you signed, thus agreed to, when you opened your account. They cant make you read the rules and regulations. it's not like they just make this stuff up as it goes. And as far as accusing an individual that works at the bank of taking your money-save it. They dont really care they have a [censor]ing idiot in front of them yelling about something they have nothing to do with. TAKE RESPONSIBILTY, how can you not have a damn clue of your bank account anyway?

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