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7th Avenue corner 28th Street, Bonifacio High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Complaints & Reviews

Online platform

During covid I opted out of the loan moratorium for my personal loan. They called me twice to confirm that I opted out and both times I confirmed.
But online I cannot pay the installment as the system does not "authorise" the account so the amount becomes due. I have called customer service three times and every time they say they will rectify in a few days.
Can you imagine a bank that doesn't want to take a loan repayment from a customer.
Their online platform is a joke.. The new facelift does not have full functionality even though it was rolled out almost 2 years ago. For some functions you have to go back to what they call maybank 2 u classic but that just means old.
Even an account that I paid off 3 years ago still appears!

Bad services of maybank section 20

a complain raised to MBB section 20 staff Pn Nor and Pn Hani.
we has been calling up maybank section 20, and checking for the balance of our company, but fail to received the update even we are the authorised person to checking the balances of the company.
and has been told all go through on line. we understand about that and has been requesting to give us some time to apply Maybank2you due to short handed and not able to attend to their branches due to location distance . but still rejecting our proposal

sst charges on credit cards not activated

i did not activate the credit cards and yet Maybank still want to charge me for the SST charges. I had no choice to pay in first to avoid the interest charges.
Other banks do not do that. Below is their response:

Thank you for your email.

We regret of your decision to cancel the card. Nevertheless we truly respect your decision and understand that you do not require them at this point of time.
However, please be advise that should you cancelled the cards, the service tax charges will not be waived as this is a regulation governed by Service Tax Act 2018.
Thus, we appreciate your confirmation before we could proceed with your request on card cancellation.

In the meantime, should we be of any further assistance to you, do feel free to contact our Customer Service Executive at [protected] or [protected] (overseas) or email to [protected]

Thank you.

Yours sincerely
for M A Y B A N K

Channel Support
Service Fulfilment
Customer Engagement
Cards Malaysia

debit cards, credit cards

Ok maybank. I suffered enough to say - burn in hell. With all your stupid unnecessary procedures, putting limits to how I can use my own money on my own saving account which I cannot change, annual renewal of the cards and waiting several weeks to get the new one, performing all the operations in person in the brunch only, stupid and lengthy customer service:
- I spent more time calling to your operators then I spent calling my friends
- I spent tons of time and money for oversees calls activating "additional" services, like mobile banking, online banking etc. That normally should already have been activated given I got your card in person in the branch
- I had to repeat all the exiting exercise in 1 year when I had to renew my card
- I spent 1 hour from midnight to 1:00 in the restaurant alone just waiting when I can pay my bill after your daily regular 1 hour maintenance process
- you failed me when I had to pay at 5 am in the morning checking out of the hotel and I lost my flight because of you
- I had to run looking for atm machine like a boy around the block to withdraw 16m idr from my debit card, because you put limit to daily payment amount from my debit card

And for that reason - burn in hell. You are officially the biggest [censored] bank I ever had in my life.

I spent 30 minutes because I could not pay with my card checking out of hotel to go to airport. I had to call these stupid idiots again and turned out to be there's a limit. And when I asked to increase limit they said it cannot be done. Only cash. So I had to run to atm and get all the cash to pay for hotel... 😡 i've just got to taxi. Hope this stupid maybank will burn in hell!

unethical behaviour of officer in damansara utama branch

Name : razanah abd rahman
Ic number : [protected]

On 01/02/2019 I came to maybank damansara utama branch to withdraw my epf for housing loan. The officer told me the document will be ready on next week since on that week will had a long holiday (cny) until wednesday. Thus, phone call was made to follow up on the document on 13/02/2019 around 10.00 am. However, I feel so frustrated when the officer (ida) - same officer that attend me on 01/02/2019 just ask me to wait without explanation. The way she communicate to customer really unacceptable. Please give your staff a proper training how to communicate with customer. Even she not from customer service department, but as an officer, she need to have that skill to make sure customer feel comfortable during liaise with maybank. As an employee, they bring company (maybank) name.

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pengaduan di atas current account saya ([protected])

Saya adalah sebagai seorang yang bernama Dato Seri Dr Jeevananthan pelanggan Maybank di cawangan Rawang...

staff gave the wrong information

I just started working in Glenmarie area so I'm not familiar with the area at all. So, one fine day, I wanted to do an over-the-counter ASB transaction. I checked online for the nearest Maybank branch and found that the one in Utropolis is the nearest. So, I called ahead before going to make sure that they actually had over-the-counter transactions. The person I spoke to was quite blur and she didn't even understand what I was asking even if I spoke in English and Malay and at the end she said "Yes, I am able to do ASB transaction at the counter here and that ASB is online.".

Today, I finally went there by grab (RM5) from my office and once I reached, I realised that there was no banking counters and it was only 1 ATM and CDM. It has a kiosk with tables and chairs and brochures and what not, but no banking counters. And worse, this woman who answered my call and suppose to be in charge there, was not even there. She just left a sign that she went to TTDI Jaya branch. So, what could I do but go back to office (another RM5 grab ride) as I had to go back before end of lunch hour.

What a waste of my time and money. I hope someone will educate this person on what services her own branch offers. So incompetent.

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    #1Helper Dec 27, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, please email your complaint to [email protected] as this is not the official complaint site for maybank.

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