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I would like to vent a story than happened to me today concerning my Regions Bank overdraft protection credit card issued by FIA Card Services. Basically, it is about my encounter with a bitter, seemingly evil "credit specialist" that I spoke to on the phone.

I called and initially I spoke to a very friendly guy and I told him that I wanted to increase the credit limit on my card from 2500 to around 5000. The card had a zero balance, had only a couple of times had a balance over 100 dollars, and had never been paid late in the year or two I've had it. I told the associate that I wanted the limit increase so that I could take advantage of a low balance transfer rate promotion that was on the website. I have a Citibank card with a higher APR and a balance of around 8400 dollars on it, half of which I plan to wipe out with a student loan that's about to go through. The guy says that sounds great and he would be happy to do a balance transfer over the phone in the amount of 2000 dollars because that would make it more likely that I would get the limit increase if they knew that's what I was using it for. I said that was just fine and he said that he would have to transfer me to a credit specialist in order to approve/deny me the limit increase. He said that it would be a conference call so that he could explain my situation and try to get me what I was wanting.

I held for maybe 10 minutes and the same guy answered and said the credit specialist was on the line with us. I said hello and the specialist said nothing to me and instead said to the first guy, "yeah OK, hang up now." Well, OK, I thought, I guess the specialist didn't like that guy. The specialist then starts rapid firing very specific questions about my finances at me. Of course I expected some questions but this guy made it sound from the get-go that he had no intention of giving me anything I wanted and was far from friendly in his tone. For example, he asked me about my liquid assets and I asked if that included things like a 401k, to which he replied, in a hugely sarcastic manner "No, SIR, that is not a LIQUID asset. A LIQUID asset is something you can spend NOW. You need to have LIQUID assets." For some unknown reason, he just seemed to be trying to find fault with every answer I gave him. I know he has to really assess my ability to pay his company, but he didn't have to belittle me with his tone, sarcasm, and disregard for me as an imperfect human.

Now, I understood before I called that there was every possibility that I would get turned down due to my credit score or whatever, and I was prepared for that. However, he then puts me on hold, apparently to think about what he would do to me, and returns after awhile with an even worse tone and says to me, "Now, SIR, I have to tell you, not only can I not approve you a limit increase, but I see no other option but to close this account immediately." I was completely shocked and asked why he would think that was necessary, to which he replied that I had 8400 dollars of debt and for my income this was too much for him. Fine, I said, but I didn't even want 8400 dollars of credit. I wasn't even buying anything. I just wanted a transfer. Also, the first guy had already approved my balance transfer of 2000 dollars. Well, this second guy decides that he is cancelling that and fully closing my account apparently just to be mean. Keep in mind that I've never been late on a payment on anything ever in my life and that this card had a zero balance on it for months at a time.

I should also mention the origin of this account. It is a card that is used as a safety net in case of overdrafts from my checking account. So, it is a useful account besides any balance transfer stuff. Well, this guy doesn't care about that and says that he is in effect also cancelling my overdraft protection on my checking account, as opposed to maybe just lowering my credit limit. I can't believe that this guy would treat me this way with no real good reason and while I'm trying to think of a response to this without going crazy on the phone, he gives a very curt farewell and then effectively hangs up on me. I sat there for a couple of minute playing this scenario back in my head, trying to figure out what this guy would have absolutely zero interest in me as a human being and all I can conclude is that he was apparently evil. My credit score, while not great, is not terrible, I've never missed a payment on anything, I have no obscene debts, no car payment, and I work a decent job that I've had for over 3 years. I understand that nothing will likely come of this, but I felt I had to vent my frustrations and tell people that Regions and FIA Card Services really made me feel like crap today.


  •   Aug 13, 2009

    Story was way too long to read.

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  •   Aug 13, 2009

    If I were in your position, I would go to your local Region's Bank and talk with a bank manager there in order to let them know what happened when you called FIA Card Services. I THINK that FIA is a company that was outsourced by Region's bank to handle all the credit cards that their customers have. FIA represents your bank. IF there is nothing they can do about your closed credit card account or regarding your overdraft protection that was canceled, I would go to another bank and apply for a checking account with overdraft protection, as well as a new credit card. If you get all that you need at the new bank or credit union, I would close the account at Region's Bank.

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      Feb 06, 2010

    I know my response to you now might be irrelevant at this time, but my feelings are to not let this company/corp and any of their employees be able to get away with that kind of treatment to their customers, whom if they forgot are the ones providing some of their employment and paycheck!!! I have also experienced rude, and curt service representatives (if you could call them that)!! Seems anyone I've dealt with had that same arrogant attitude. I m not sure if they are all just miserable and discontent with their jobs or perhaps they have all been trained to perform in this manner. Unfortunately, this company is huge and untouchable and our menial complaints will never be a concern to them. Us credit card customers don't even compare to their other money making profit providers. Unfortunately, a lot of us didn't choose them as our credit card company and have been forced to accept their terms and deal with their disrespectful service/rep agents. I would really like to pursue registering a complaint to someone in that company who might give a SH T!!! I know I absolutely can't contact the "Customer Satisfaction Department", nor via any of the contact phone #s given. Does anyone have numbers to some upper management??? I know writing a letter will only find its way in the Trash File.

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  • B
      Mar 15, 2010

    I'd like to update my story. I sent it to both Regions and FIA. FIA never responded, but Regions did send me a letter stating that they attempted to get FIA to reinstate my overdraft account. FIA, of course, refused. So, I went to my local Regions branch, told them I was closing my account because of FIA, and never looked back. I recommend everyone switch to decent credit unions if they experience treatment like this. Thanks for reading my long story.

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