Farfetch / counterfeit products - boutique verified

I purchased a pair of shoes from farfetch some time back. Outer soles started to split form upper of shoes even though shoes were supposed to be Blake constructed. It was at this point that I realised that shoes may be fake.

I contacted farfetch, but received some boilerplate answer about never selling counterfeit products and invited me to visit the deisgber's boutique. I did just that, and staff at boutique were of the opinion that shoes were not genuine.

Despite this, farfetch refused to process a refund and instead is pushing liability to their partner, and even asking me to seek recourse from Dolce and Gabbana itself, which is patently ridiculous since I had purchaed shoes through their farfetch. Not sure what are they trying to do there because that is just plain silly.

I do not believe that Farfetch intentionally sells counterfeit products. However, I believe the shoes may have been swapped to a counterfeit by a customer on a return order. However, farfetch refuses to do anything about this.

I suggest you do not make any purchases from farfetch. There are various websites to make purchases from which are far more reliable and credible. I am honestly appalled that despite having acknowledged that the shoes may be fakes, they refuse to do anything.

May 31, 2017

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