The JT Store Complaints & Reviews

The JT Store / washing machine

Jul 06, 2019

There was an offer on washing machine for which i placed order, paid and was confirmed successfully. Please check the attached order summary. I have not received it till date. I have been following up with you guys via email since then.. I placed the order on 1st june but my order isnt...

The JT Store / my order no. 5812945

Jul 04, 2019

I had order a speaker online on 19.05.2019, also made payment online. But till date I have not received my order as well as customer care told me that your order is not confirmed. I have attached here the screen shot of my order for your reference. Kindly look into this issue & arrange to...

The JT Store / not delivering the items

Jul 02, 2019

My order num:7830069 I have ordered the items 1 month ago i have not recived any msg or any details from the site till now i am calling their customer care everyday and they are telling that its takes 10 days evertime i call Them and they do not reply properly shout and cut the cal they do...

The JT Store / unethical behaviour

Jun 25, 2019

its a very froud company first product order then payment complit but no receive last 20 day any product and also please don't any body order this froud company .. no receive phone, many time i call them but no receive and last time receive one man but he talk to very ruffley ... many time...

The JT Store / I have order a philip's trimmer. item model number qt4011. payment has already made still did not received the product

Jun 24, 2019

I have order a Philip's trimmer as soon as I submit the order I got the message that "your order won't be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account. Mail your order I'd with payment proof to [email protected]" why did you guys did not told me before payment. I want my product...

The JT Store / my orders status

Jun 24, 2019

My order no. 3835778 dated 19/06/2019 I ordered from JT store online and done payment as there is no option for Cash on delivery. I paid Rs. 1, 074/- on 19/06/19 for the items ordered. It said it that I will be sent a link to download for app to track my orders. They never sent any link...

The JT Store / ordered for dress not yet received

Jun 12, 2019

I have ordered dress one month ago and amount has been deducted but till now i have not yet recieved any response from company..and they given me the time that within 10 days product will be delivered to you.. this is froud i'll take very huge action against it if i dont recieved my product...

The JT Store / refund not received

May 26, 2019

on 21/09/2018 I bought a sound system online from The JTstore. The order is as follows: Order #425480 (09/21/2018). Tracking ID #: 69790 I paid Rs- 252/- for the same. But later I cancelled the order for personal reason and demanded the refund of same amount on 27/09/2018. on 09/10/2018 they let...

The JT Store / intex it-881u 2.1 channel multimedia speakers (black)

May 14, 2019

I ordered the above mentioned product yesterday. I donot find anywhere in the site to track my order. Can I know the status of my order, please? the order number is-7817918. and I had already sent to messages to your address through mail but haven't received ant reply from your team till...

The JT Store / midea ac 1.5 ton

May 02, 2019

I purchased midea AC 1.5 ton on 6 April 2019 but not delivered the AC...and already paid the full AMT 25020 rs ...plzzz give me details when delivered the AC order no is #7804092 Alredy download the JT store track application I try track my product but didn't get any information of my...

[Resolved] The JT Store / multiple

Apr 25, 2019

JT store is nothing but a FRAUD. I ordered a product few weeks ago, they debited my card but give me no info about my order. I called them many times, but won't pick my call at all. At last a lady picked my call and she said I will get info about my order in 48 hours. But I haven't got any...

The JT Store / product not delivered

Jan 21, 2019

I placed an online order No. 555445, dated: 3rd January, 2019 for LG LH70 B 2.1 channel DVD Home Cinema system, with TheJTstore. My order states that the product will be delivered in 12 to 14 days. It has been more than 15 days but still there is no news about the dispatch of the order nor...

The JT Store / for not recovering product

Dec 21, 2018

I have ordered a order for Sony headphone and it s cost was 202/- and when I track it it sis showing processing order placed 1 month ago and it was not yet delivers now what will I do? If it will delivered in 3-6 working days so I can accept if not so please return my money I have done my...

The JT Store / bluetooth headset

Dec 03, 2018

I have made an order and I have cancelled it . My order id-418701. I Have made a payment of 202rs two times towards this order as it was showing order failed in jt store app. But on making payment 2nd time the result was same that is order failed. And I have called the customer service...

The JT Store / the jt store fraud company and stole money...

Nov 10, 2018

I ordered kids cycle from The Jt Store ... ORDER Number: 437032 dated 24/09/2018 ... but not received my order till now or also not received my money till now ... also not picking phone, Phone: 06262602919, 06262602920, 06262602921, 06262602922, 06262602923... (the jt store). The Jt store...

The JT Store / ps 4 pro epson printer and others

Sep 28, 2018

You are providing fake prices of many things to people this is a very bad thing u should not do this fooling people PS 4 pro 42000 u are giving it on 201 when I came to know that it is fake I was very angry this isn't fair Why are u doing this ???!!! If every people do this and get fool Either change the price or. Close this shopping site . 🙌

[Resolved] The JT Store / product received by the jt store

Jun 07, 2018

I heard about The jt store is that they provide most horrible service, their product delivery procedure time is too lengthy. But it's not truthful. They have good services. As a customer I'm glad to receive my all orders by The JT Store at time and responding me in every query. Also the jt...

[Resolved] / fake website

Jun 06, 2018

It is a fake website and don't comply indian rules. It's run by a fraud owner and doesn't know that he should be charging GST. I recently bought a product and later locked the order telling me to refer them to unlock the order. Most of the positive reveiw are posted by the admin and their...