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Family Dollar / purchases/returns

1 Brunswick, GA, United States Review updated:

On August 8th & 10th, my husband purchased painting supplies from the above location. He did not need all of them and asked me (his wife) to please go and return them. All products were in the original packaging and in the family dollar bag along with both original receipts.

Arrive and entered the store mentioned above on August 15th, with bag and receipts in hand and proceeded to register, but no clerk at counter. Then was approached by a cashier named Amanda...I explained to Amanda what I needed to do and she took the bag and the receipts and looked over the receipts for about 3-4 minutes and stated to me the following:

" Were you the person who purchased these Items?" My response, no, my husband purchased them on two different credit cards. (In which I have the same cards on me) Amanda then stated to me " you will have to come back to speak with the store manager because in order for her to return these items, she will need to review the store video's to make sure you actually purchased these items." I advised her that my husband was out in the car, he was the one who actually made the purchases. She then stated, you have to come back and have the tapes reviewed, I do not know if these items were stolen and she is the only one who can view the video. Now my blood pressure is up there. I kindly asked when the store manager would be back and she said that she just stepped out to take care of personal business and will be back soon. I left the store and finished my other errands. Arrived back at the store, and my husband came along in with me.
I asked Amanda again so that my husband could hear the response, "Amanda, you stated to come back and see the store Manager because she would have to review the video cameras before we could return the items, and as rude as she could have been, stated "that is what I told you".
My husband and I waited for about 30 minutes before the store manager arrived. I had a conversation with her and explained what she had stated to us. The store manager apologized and just checked the items along with the receipts and gave us the refund.

I am totally humiliated that I was treated like a thief and also in front of other people waiting in the line to check out when I literally had everything I needed to return the items purchased. Amanda kept insisting that she needed to make sure these items were purchased from her store.
First of all, I am a general manager of a large hotel chain and have better morals than to go and steal items and bring them back into the store and try to get my money back. Secondly, why would I have the receipts and all the items on the receipts in the bag if I stole them. Again, this was handled so badly, and I was literally accused by the choice of word, "we have to review the video cameras first before you can return these items."
I buy items daily from different high end stores, for both my husbands business and the Hotel I manage and have never been treated like a thief or told they have to review video first when trying to return items.

To me this is defamation of character and I feel if this is not resolved I will be seeking legal council regarding the situation. No apologies just a quick refund to my husband and myself to get rid of the problem that Amanda brought on by a bad choice of words in front of many customers.

Aug 17, 2017
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  17th of Aug, 2017
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Uhh, who was around to hear your character defamed? Did she yell loudly, CHERYL JONES STOLE ITEMS BUT WE HAVE TO CHECK VIDEO TO BE SURE? Legal counsel will laugh in your face

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