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Buckeye, AZ, United States Review updated:

I bought three pairs of faded glory jeans at Walmart. I loved the style and fit. They didn't smell in the store. But after I got them home and washed them they smell so bad I can't wear them. They smell like burnt rubber. I kept my receipt and luckily they said they will take them back. But I'm so upset. All the other cloths washed with them are ruined. They smell too and I can't get the smell out of any of the cloths. I tried everything I could. They shouldn't have them on the market if this is such a problem. It ruined about 100 dollars worth of other pants that were washed with them.

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  • Di
      9th of May, 2010

    if you soak the stinky clothes in a combination of simple green and fabric softener (with some water) for a couple days it will get the smell out. If that can get the smell of diesel fuel out the rubber smell should be no problem. Then was as usual. Good luck

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  • Lf
      10th of Dec, 2010

    returning my jeans today! they made me sick! I can see that is has been a problem for some time and is still problematic! Too bad there aren't laws against this like there are on food. I think these jeans are hazordous to our health!

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  • Ox
      26th of Jun, 2012

    I had the same happen to me. They didn't stink in the store..Brought them home, they were awful. The blue jeans and khakis stopped stinking after about 5-7 washes (lost the receipt, already took the tags off, so I couldn't take them back). I left the black ones hang on the line for 2 weeks, they still stink horribly. When I wore them after only washing them once, I had a mild anaphylaxis episode. Tight chest, nausea, hard to breathe, my lips swelled up, my legs got horrible white, itchy bumps on them that lasted for over a month (I discontinued wearing the pants after I figured out they were making me sick). I didn't recognize the allergic reaction for anaphylaxis so never got treatment... I COULD HAVE DIED.
    I'm throwing the black ones away and writing the company to complain. Thanks for the made-in-China CRAP, Faded Glory.

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