Facebookdisabled account is wrongly justified.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Keef. I am your avid FB user and compliant to every rule that FB has set. I am a teacher by profession and my id is Keef Zcobra. My email is [protected] I am a teacher here in Bangkok right now.
I use FB to connect to my friends in the FB who are mainly musicians and teachers from all around the world. Lately I had received a notice from FB stating that I had posted something illegal, but to be really honest I am so busy with school as we are coming to the end of the academic year I had no time to even post anything or even check my FB account. I was stunt when I was informed that I had posted something illegal when I haven't done so, or if I have infringe any FB rules, regulations and conduct would immediately comply and take it down on the spot. I am very fond of FB, it allows me to reach to my friends who are all around the world.
My FB account has been disabled for no good and valid reasons, and I am extremely puzzled by this. Can I appeal to you to release my account again, perhaps the account had been compromised.
Kind Regards



Dec 04, 2018

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