Exxonmobilcustomer service at a mobil station

on 1/31/17 at 15:34:47, I visited the Crossroads Mobil station located at 3864 Hopkins Crossroads, Minnetonka, MN 55305 (FE27137789001). I purchased a hot chocolate and was tasting it while walking out of the door. Nearly reaching my car, I turned around and walked back into the store to let one of the cashiers (white lady) know that the hot chocolate was too sweet and that I could not drink it. Her reply simple was "I am not giving you a refund." The tone that she replied in upset me very much; I held down my temper. I then said, "can I have a replacement?" She replied, "Yes, but I am still not giving you a refund." I understand that we have our bad days, and I held my temper just in case that this was one of her days (although she did not treat the male customer in the same tone). Please relay this message to the Owner/Store Manager and train the thin older white lady on how to correctly converse with customers. Thank you.

Feb 05, 2017

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