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The station was unable to accept my credit card. I was unable to use one of my credit cards after trying at several pumps. I ended up using a second cedit card. A friend tried his credit card to get gas for his vehicle with no success and ended up getting gas at a Shell station down the street. A third friend, whose credit card worked for his vehicle tryed to use it for a second time for the second, unsuccessful friend, It failed. Myself and two friends (on motorcycles) had been riding all week covering 1600 miles with no credit card issues. The attendant said repeatedly, "It's the technology". When we went to use the rest room, I can honestly say I cannot remember seeing one in such filthy, run-down condition. My friend said he had to flush the toilet with his foot, not wanting to touch anything in the room. My email address is [protected] Please respond to this compaint, I have been a stockholder for many years and would hate to think I would have to use other than Exxon stations. Gas Station # [protected] on Whitehouse Street, NJ. Thanks...

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    wtfeverdude Jul 01, 2009

    machines break sometimes, gas station bathrooms can be pretty dirty.

    these are facts of life, I am amazed that you felt so strongly about these two issues that you created a complaint and listed a resume of contact information. Nobody's going to be sending a letter of apology or giving away free gas cards because of your experience.

    I would have forgotten about this ten minutes after i left the station -- are you on any medications? Your sense of entitlement is off the chart!

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  • Br
    Brad D Jul 23, 2009

    None of the eight pumps have had receipt paper for the past several months. If you want your receipt, you have to go inside and wait in line for five minutes.
    There is a jerky feel to it as it pumps about one gallon a minute. So I'm standing there waiting about 10 minutes just to fill my tank up. This situation has been on and off but mostly on.
    The only good my constant complaining to the people that work there has been two free drinks. But I am seriously tired of it. The only reason I come to Exxon is because I own stock, but I don't think I can wait another 20 minutes just to fill up and get my receipt again...

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  • An
    Angie Brooks May 08, 2010

    I have received several letters from someone claiming to be Exxon Mobil seeking to employ people in the company in Malaysia. They are asking to obtain a work visa and any monies that the potential employee spends, They will reimburse. Iam hoping someone will look into this and put a stop to this scam. I have noticed that Exxon has put a Job Scam notice on their website. Thank You.

    Angie Brooks

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β€” original message β€”
From: marlinda cachini [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: thursday, june 25, 2009 10:50 am

The exxon-mobil oil company
Plot 1 – 16 exxon-mobil, wuse zone 2,
Wuse, abuja. nigeria.
The exxon-mobil official prize notification.
You have been selected in the on-going exxon-mobil e-mail award programme held this june 2009. we the promo board are pleased to inform you that, you have been approved for a payment of $386, 500.00 usd. (three hundred and eighty-six thousand, five hundred united states dollars) in cash.
Contact the claims officer below to claim your prize. see details of claims processing officer below;
Claims processing officer:
Jackson m.
Email: [protected]
You are also advised to provide him with the under listed information as soon as possible:
Name in full: contact address: phone: mobile: sex (m/f):
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Exxon-mobil oil company.
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car damage

While being at the Mobile Gasoline station in El Hegaz, Heliopolis, Cairo-Egypt, washing my car, water was splashed into the car motor, causing tremendeous damage to it.

Contacting Exxon Mobil Egypt did not solve the problem & I had to pay around 12 000 L.E to repair this damage, that was not re-imbursed till today.

The following documents are available upon request:

1- Police Report

2- Invoice from Mobil El Hegaz Benzin station, showing that they should have washed the motor with a special spray!

3- Certificate from Mercedes Benz agency in Cairo stating that the damages caused are due to the unprofessional car motor wash.

4- Invoice from Mercedes Benz totaling 3600 LE

5- Invoice from Mercedes Benz totaling 6270 LE

6- Replacement Car rental receipt totaling 2200 L.E

Looking forward to your feedback,

Kind regards,

Josiane Hakim

very large check

My wife and i got a check from ups overnight on saturday. The check came alone, no directions or anything, just the check all by itself! No instructions or e-mails or phone calls it just showed up all by itself. It was for $3, 2027.67, i am pretty sure it's a scam but it's a good one i must admit. The check is real i have checked the routing number and it's a real check. Has anbody else gotten the same thing mailed to them from ups overnight? I am going to call the address where the check cam from tomorow and see what they say. I have a hunch they will confirm what i allready know, it's not a check and i cannot cash it! oh well...that would have been nice..ha ha

beware of this scam!

From: Marlinda Cachini <[protected]> Subject: CONTACT MR. ROBERT K. ANTHONY.? To: Date...

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Dear sir, i have recieved mail from mobil-oil petroleum company UK that i won 850, 000 pond...i just want to...

Mobil-Oil UK

fraud, harassment, intimidation

I have strong reason to Believe Exxon employees have used, among other things inside, information to heavily invest in what was thought to be the location of a proposed major company project. They apparently invested in land via a land developement corporaion that was the former U.S. Steel complex in Baytown Texas. On the other end a Liberty County councilman and father of one of the main players who is an employeee of Exxon Mobil used inside knowledge to secure strategic property owned by other employees thorugh 3rd parties. Along with others they used their positions to influence the route and actually hired and promoted people involved in owning said property. All that included removing property in one of the projected paths of the parkway from a local school district and stealing this ladies property which let them have a secured right of way to Int 10. All extremely illegal. The name of the "independant" corporations are Port Logix and Cedar Crosssing LLP. They will not publically release the names of the investors. Now the reason I really care about this is they were apparently worried about possibly being found out some day. So people that weren't financially able to invest or just didn't want to get invested do to possible conflict of interest were treated suspiciously and very harshly. Especially people that might some day be in a position to find out. That is absolutely unacceptable by any standards of business or just civil moral conduct. I along with my family were treated very suspiciously over my many years at the BOP in Baytown which I complained about over and over but no one ever heard me. Well someone has heard me now. So I respect Exxon greatly as a company and I can only say that this will be brought to the surface either by the company or us. I would rather Exxon as a company do it and we not have to spend a lot of money as 3rd parties but its gonna happen. I got involved recently with helping the other employee that had land stolen that involved the path of a Grand Parkway route change through that complex, (Sect I-2), cica 1990. The property was stolen from a family estate trust account in 2003. All fingers pointed to a racetrack owner than back to those corporations that in effect "paid off" tex dot with 1.7 million dollars to complete the new highway path by a certain date. All these items are proven and have been turned over to authorities. The companies these developement corporations represented among others were WalMart, Home Depot, Exxon Chemical, etc etc. So guys the ball is in your court. Personally I put up with to much agony over the years to let this go especially after I found out what I did helping this other person out. MOney who cares. I personally want someone/somewhere to be accountable. ATtached picture shows where row was never finished on this piece of property because it was stolen and the Texas trans commission meeting where the payoff to TexDot was openly discussed..

fraud, harassment, intimidation
fraud, harassment, intimidation

  • Zo
    zoeyzaharavich Jun 06, 2018

    Beware if you go the Exxon station off the exit in Plainville, CT...they have a new guy working there, in his 20's i'll say maybe early 30's...he has an issue with woman apparently and was not taught that the customer is always right, even when they're not. I'm 48 years old, my best friend is 50, we go there alot for gas, cigarettes, and snacks...a few nights ago was the first time we ever had an issue with any of the employees there because the rest are all friendly and smiley, well this guy had been rolling his eyes at me for asking where the milk was, my friend saw it and asked him what was wrong, he came off telling her nothing, that she seems to have an attitude, and they went back and forth for a few...I tried to keep the peace and we left...well tonight i went in for my 2 packs of cigarettes, this same guy was there, i hoped he remembered me keeping the peace and would be nice to me, like the rest of the employees there, apparently not, he was to busy chatting with a male customer and I think I upset him because i came in and interupted their conversation or something because he had no smile, he looked very upset, as i was waiting for his friend to leave or customer, i noticed a lottery ticket on the ground, picked it up like i always do, if only to toss it in the trash, but i saw it was scratched, figured i'd check it out anyway, sure enough it was a big $2 winner, the cashier was practically breaking his neck to look over at the screen to see how much it was for...he went on to ask me for the ticket, I said I found it on the ground, why do i have to give it to you, he then told me that it was his families ticket, they had just left and he knows it was hers...I said i would wait a few minutes for someone to come back for thier winning ticket, he said no, i can't let you leave the store with the ticket, i told him to call the police, i said again, I have to pump gas and i'll take my time, if i see someone come looking for a ticket, i'll give it back if not, then i guess I was meant to find it...I asked him how he knew for sure that ticket was his familys, he said cuz she had a whole stack of winners, and that was one of them...I asked him why she didn't turn it in then, if it was a winner...he had nothing to say...he's a major drama queen who is causing not only me, but my friends to stop going there as long as he still works there, we all grew up in this town, it's to small for people like that, we are all friendly and don't need people like that working in our local establishments. He's rude, nasty, unprofessional, does NOT know how to deal with customers at all, I am so very surprised that he was hired in the first place, they must be very desperate for employees because anyone in their right mind would NEVER have hired him, he displays horrible behavior, I've had 2 other friends in less than a week talk about this guy, what will it take for Exxon to wake up and get rid of this guy...surely he's on some probationary period, and it's really hard to upset me, or to get on my bad side but this guy has done it not once but twice, the 2 times i've had to deal with him, he's been very nasty. The problem is that he's gay and management won't fire him because they're afraid he'll cry discrimination, that's why he thinks he can treat customers the way he does because he knows that due to his sexual preference no one is going to fire him...well sexuality should have nothing to do with it...a bad employee is a bad employee and should be dealt with. I'll bet he's still there in a week. It's a shame, I spend around $500 a month myself between gas and cigs do my many friends that also go there. Well, not anymore, not until he's gone that is.

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pay at the pump charges

I tried to fill my tank the other day and after sliding my card twice my pump did not turn on. Thinking it...

1 comment Shippensburg Gas Stations

rude to pregnant lady needing help

I went to put air in my tires this morning and found that I was having trouble staying crouched like that since I am 7 months pregnant. I asked the cashier if there was someone who could help me and she said yes and told me to wait outside. After 10 minutes, and no attendant, I went inside to see if someone was coming to help me. There were two men, one I think was a manager, and I asked if they were going to be able to help me. The manager person told me, "no, we aren't full service." I said, I am 7 months pregnant! I just can't crouch down. They didn't care. Then, I asked if anyone was going to tell me while I was waiting that they were unable to help me, or if they were going to leave me out there waiting for no one. They said nothing. I got no apology, no explanation. Whatever the company policy is, I wonder if I had gone into labor if anyone would have cared. These jerks can't p0ssibly believe that the company policy is to ignore a disabled person asking for help. Mobil should be ashamed of its employees and policies.

  • An
    anand k.khanna Jun 03, 2016

    as your all locations of Exxon mobile, in district of Columbia, this location is stealing from tax on small items, and dirty as all your Exxon mobile, and some hide the restroom for customer, this with all those come to usa, with hb1 visa, more included Ethiopian cashiers, or owner, all over the country, a-z, this a Ethiopian, agenda, to steal from taxes, and adding the price, to all items, it is very, very much observed on stores have regular Ethiopian employees, , which includes, keeping locked the door of restrooms for ever, to any one including customers,

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  • An
    Angry Jun 03, 2016

    Pump #2 leaked gasoline onto my hand from a leak where the hose connects to the pump handle. The pumping of gas shut off because of the leak.

    I informed the cashier, and he told me the owner knows, but will not fix the leak. I asked the cashier to put a warning sign on the pump, but he refused.

    I'd like to know what governmental agency to complaint to.

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  • Bu
    Bud Jun 03, 2016

    Call the dept. in your your state that oversees gasoline dispensers. here in FL it is the dept. of Agriculture. The number is posted on the dispenser. They will see that the leak is fixed immediately or the dispenser locked up until it is fixed.

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service and charges for services not received

Took my vehicle in for services at the Bryant Exxon Mobile in Bryant Arkansas on the I-30 Service Road. Pat is the Mechanic. I told him I wanted to have Brakes on the front but not to put some cheap run of the mill brakes on there. He said okay. Rotors if needed, which he called and said I did, so I okayed. I also told him I wanted my transmission fluid drained and replaced, my radiator flushed and my air serviced.

Picked the car up late that afternoon after about 6 - 7 hours. Over $600 Dollars to have all of the above completed. less than 4 months later, why then am I sitting on the side of the road with an overheated engine. Turns out the radiator was never even so much as checked. If Pat had even bothered to open the cap he would have seen the rusty gunk and a light bulb would have went off in his head saying "oh, guess I'd better flush that radiator like my customer asked and is paying for" Needless to say I took it elsewhere and had the radiator flushed, and had them check everythign else that I paid Pat at the Bryant Exxon to do. Pat put on some cheap old brakes that I specifically told him not to do and paid for. He also did not service my airconditioner.

Steer Clear of the Bryant Exxon. BEWARE!!!

credit card interest rate increase

Got a letter today that my interest rate was increasing from 9.24% TO 16.99%. They are not able to tell me why. FICO 830 and no adverse changes in our financial situation. WE only use this card at Mobil gas stations to get 3% BACK in rewards towards other gas purchases.
Guess they don't think this is profitable anymore. Well that's OK because we paid off the balance last month and will find another card for our gasoline purchases...Heck, they closed all the EXXON stations and 3 Mobil stations inour neighborhood so Hello Sunoco!

  • Ma
    Mad John Jan 30, 2009




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  • Exxon-Mobil changed my credit card rate from 10.9 to 23%!!! A 130% increase!! Never late, always paid more than the min, was a customer for over 14 years. Exxon's bank rep stated that ALL their credit cards had gone to 23%. This is beyond greed and taking advantage of the economic situation in America. I closed the account, which will have no affect on this giant corporation, but gave me some satisfaction. I'll shop at their competition. Will NEVER buy gasoline from the rip-off artists at Exxon-Mobil.

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  • No
    nobama49 Nov 24, 2009

    Same story - never late; paid well over minimum payment. Rate was close to 11%; but loved the convenience of Mobile stations near my home and work. Also loved getting the rebate on gasoline. Yesterday got a letter that my new rate is 25%. Whoa - cancelled card lickety split. Another one bites the dust...

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rude employee

I went into this mobil station to buy a pack of cigarettes and i was ask for my ID. When i gave her my Mexico...

exxon mobil check

I cashed a check that Exxon Mobil sent me at Christmas time for 1400.00. when I received my statement they...

wrong diagnosis!

Car would not start, replaced battery still no start replaced oil pan gasket and starter still no start found...

unfair practice

Re: ExxonMobil I have not only missed my trip to Cancun but also lost all of my money. I think that the way...