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Exxon / Ge Money Bank / Allied Collection Agency / Nothing but a nightmare!

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I have been having problems with Exxon/Mobil G. E. Money bank and Allied Collection Agency. It has been nothing short of a nightmare. I fell behind on some of my credit card bills due to family illness. On August 30th I received a call from Allied Collection agency. They informed me that I could accept a settlement to pay off and close the account. I wanted this account closed and wanted to get this bill paid off. So I accepted the offer to make two payments of $174. 00. The person at Allied said I could pay by check or debit card. I said that would be fine either way because my debit card comes from my checking account.

I gave them my debit card number and they asked me when I get paid so they could take out the money. I told them I get paid on the 6th of September and two weeks from then around the 14th they could take out the second payment of $174. 00.

Never during this conversation did they tell me that I had to mail in the second payment, nor did they give me an address. They just said that the payments would be taken out on those said dates. About a month went by and I did not hear from Exxon nor from Allied. Finally over a month later Exxon sent me a bill for 400 and some odd dollars. I called the 1-800 number on my Exxon statement and asked them why the account had not been paid off and closed. They informed me that it would take awhile to close the account but that everything was fine. Another month went by before I started to receive calls from Allied demanding payment and that I owed Exxon almost 500 dollars. I explained the payment deal that I made. I had to go back and review my checking information to see that they did NOT take out the second 174 dollar payment.

I informed Allied and Exxon of the situation. Allied told me that it was my fault for not mailing in the final payment and I broke the settlement contract. I informed them that they did not take out the second payment. Allied continued to argue with me stating that it was my fault for not mailing in the second payment. I again informed them that I was NEVER told to mail the second payment in. They continued to tell me they did tell me. I argued with them that if they did tell me to mail the payment in why don't I have an address or any account information to mail such a payment?

To make a very long story short Allied has been calling me 10 to 25 times a day up to 10 hours a day trying to collect this debt. I have spoken with at least 5 supervisors whom all tell me to contact Exxon to try and fix this debt. When I contact Exxon , Exxon tells me to contact Allied. I have written 3 letters to the G. E. Money bank which handles Exxon's accounts and no one has returned my calls or letters. Each time I call Exxon they direct me to different 1-800 numbers one of which was a ski resort!! Allied has not stopped stalking me. Today they called 32 times. I spoke with one woman at Allied today and explained the entire situation to her again. She claims she spoke to her supervisor and said there is nothing I could do about it because I waited too long to resolve it. I informed her I have been in constant contact with Exxon and Allied since September and no one has responded or tried to resolve my problem. I informed her that I am more than willing to pay the 174 dollars that I agreed to, so the account can close but she refused to listen and began to yell at me to pay my bill. The woman did NOT speak very clear English and each time I have spoken with anyone at Exxon or Allied they all have very heavy accents from India. She refused to put her supervisor on and yelled at me to pay my bill. I finally told her I would be speaking to Exxon again which did no good.

Allied called every 10 to 15 minutes until 10 pm tonight. I work graveyard and am elderly. I can not unplug my phone because of a very elderly parent whom is dying. I must have my phone on. This situation as made me sick and has caused health problems. If anyone can help me please let me know. I am on a fixed income and just want to pay the 174 dollars, close the account and have this situation resolved so Allied stops STALKING me.

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  • La
      7th of Mar, 2007
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    I too am currently being stalked by this unreasonable company. My experience with them is almost a carbon copy of yours with only a few details changed.

    The nature of my supposed 'debt' is to the Doubleday Book Club. After sending written notification to them to quit the club, they continued to send me their monthly mailings. Because I considered that I was not a member any longer, I threw them away. When they eventually sent the books, I marked them all 'Return to Sender' unopened, and sent a second and eventually a third letter to them saying that I was cancelling! Eventually the mailings stopped but they billed my approx $42.00 for books they said I received and never paid for. It is impossible. I always paid for all my books promptly when I was a member and when I attempted to quit I was in good standing.

    I replied to the bills by returning them with the payment stub with the words "Books were returned!" and left it at that.

    About 3 or 4 months later, Allied Collection Agency starts calling. Every day. Without fail. Sometimes more than once a day. And they are still calling! Always the person is speaking with such a thick Indian accent that I can barely understand him/her. I have explained the whole story to various assistors and 'supervisors' and always with the same result. "Thank you. I will notate that, but the calls will continue." This place is driving me nuts, but I refuse to be bullied and harassed into a debt I don't owe. I wish I knew what my legal options were.

  • Ve
      21st of May, 2007
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    I have never had the misfortune to be harassed by collection agencies every day, but have been told by many financial experts that if we tell the harassing creditor to stop calling because they are causing undue stress, they have to legally stop calling. If they continue to call, then they are in federal violation and you need to contact the FTC to let them know.

    I had a DIRECT TV bill go to collection with Allied, and was hoping to have them remove the collection from my credit report, since the bills were being paid by someone else at a different address, therefore leaving me unaware of the balance due. But, from what I have read, it looks like I will have an uphill battle with them. Yippee...

    Good luck, and make sure you tell the harassers to stop calling because they are causing undue stress. They are supposed to stop.

  • Ms
      6th of Oct, 2007
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    How do I stop the collection agency from contacting me?

    Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, if you notify the collection agency IN WRITING that you want it to cease further communication with you, the collection agency cannot communicate with you further except:

    * to advise you that it is stopping its effort to collect the debt; or
    * to advise you that the collection agency intends to take action, such as bringing a lawsuit against you.

    This law applies whether you owe the debt or not. If you write such a letter to a collection agency, be sure it includes the following:

    * Your name and address and, if available, the account number on the statement received from the collection agency;
    * The date;
    * A statement that you are exercising your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act; and
    * A statement that you want the collection agency to stop calling or writing you, or both.

    See sample letter "B." BE SURE TO KEEP A COPY OF THIS LETTER. Mail the original to the collection agency, with a copy to the original creditor.

    THE LETTER MUST BE SENT TO THE COLLECTION AGENCY. If, after you send the letter, the collection agency contacts you again for some reason other than the two reasons stated above, the collection agency has violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Under this law, you have the right to bring an action against the collection agency for money damages and lawyer fees. THIS WILL NOT STOP THE COLLECTION AGENCY FROM SUING YOU FOR THIS DEBT. IT ONLY STOPS CALLS AND LETTERS FROM THE COLLECTION AGENCY TO YOU.

    This statement came from a website call LawHelp I hope it truly does help!

  • Su
      29th of Nov, 2007
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    I would like to know how I can resolve a problem with Exxon: after having many problems with them (they sent bill to wrong address; I was called by reps from foreign countries who had trouble understanding the issues involved; EM used GE Money Bank for a awhile & they screwed things up, etc) and having to convince them to drop late fees, etc., I finally closed my account. I had not used it in 4 months, yet my bill was over my limit. Writing and talking w/them on phone did not fix the problem. When I asked for closing amount the rep told me it did not include an unwarranted late fee. My check bounced (c. Chevy Chase takes over a week to clear large checks, local ones, but will clear your check in a minute). So that fee was added to toal; it turns out that total included an unwarranted late fee so I told them to use that to cover the returned check fee. They refused. They then kept my account open, charged me $10/mo, and added another $29/mo each time I refused to pay. As I was in sidoute with them at the time AND had closed my account, I would like to know how and why cc companies can get away with this? There is no local office to go to; no small claims court, no recourse: they can act capriciously and do, and then this ruins my credit more. Each other company jacked my APR up to almost 30% (which borders on usury) BECAUSE of these companies, NOT c. I was late paying them. I am unable to get another cc now with a decent APR, nor can i get a card w/more than $300.00 limit. This is all because of companies that offer to help you repair or build your credit and offer you very small credit limits: they then do NOT work with you or help build your credit. I have paid all other debts in a timely fashion, even when ill or unemployed. I had relocated & missed some payments. It is the cards witht the very small limits ($300) that seem to cause the most trouble! You are treated as those you owe them serious money: they also will try and charge you $32.00 when they let you go $1.29 over your limit. Cards can immediately be declined, and now some companies are not doing that, as they've found they can make 100's of millions of dollars by charging people over-the-limit fees instead of declining authorization. I am unable to have a card that offers me protection in an emergency, ie, one for less than 29.999% APR. All of my problems have centered around cards with a $300 limit. Certainly other people have gotten in the same jam & now have ruined credit and/or are paying companies monies not owed JUST to try & fix the problem. I will not pay EM another cent: I did not use my card; they screwed things up; they had different reps calling me; letters were ignored, and now their reps call several times a week. The original $29.00 is now a supposed legitimate $142.00. IS there ANY way to deal with this sort of thing? Why do cc companies have the right to charge fees while in dispute w/customers? Is it legal to charge fees for disputed fees not paid? This is a form of legal theft: this is not credit used by me, these are fees charged by them and they may not be in the right, so why can they sit back & stack up fees and the consumer has no way to have their side really dealt with: how can the companies be judge and jury? Why are they allowed to charge fees that local companies could not get away with? Why is Their decision the only true/valid/right one? Of course they will decide, "after reviewing the facts", in their own favor! What can a consumer do and why isn't their more information to warn people that those companies offering help rarely do, and it makes little sense to have small card limits w/o automatic payments from a bank, c. things come up, a payment is late and then your $300 is used up in annual fees, late fees, etc., so you get 125 for a supposed 300 offer & then are at risk to end up paying hundreds for the use of that supposed 300 if you are late on a $15 payment. Also, why are companies allowed to raise your APR when your account with them is up-to-date? Thank you!

  • Pa
      20th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    I had an Exxon card since 1976. Without notification they closed my account because they decided I didn't use it frequently enough. My credit with them, and everybody else is perfect. I asked the lady who could only say "Sorry about that" when I told her my account I've had since 1976 was closed without notification and asked if she would re-open the account she again "said sorry about that you can open another account". So I told her to please listen to what I think of ExxonMobile and shredded my credit card. Times like this I wish I could speak Eastern Indian.

  • Ki
      28th of Aug, 2008
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    How many of you would like to get together and file a class action suit against Allied? Their harassment and intimidation tactics are in direct violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They have cussed me up one side and down the other, threatened my husband’s job and refused to provide me with any backup to support the debt they claim I owe. If possible I suggest that you record all conversations you have with this agency to support you allegations, I know I am. I am also contacting an attorney to get more information on filing suit.

  • Al
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    Incredible to see how many people got problems also with the six week body makeover, I paid to get this product delivered to my house, paid with my amex, I do not understand how they got my SS and made the report on my credit, this was a purchase not a credit, I was reading their forums on their webside
    to find out that I am not the only one with the problem; most of us are getting a 479 to 92 collection on our credit report, we are forced to pay or to have a bad credit.

  • Bl
      4th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    does anyone know the number for GE money debt collections...ive been put in circles trying to get ahold of them. i payed of my debt a month ago and they are still pulling money from my account. it's very frustrating. Thanks!

  • So
      24th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    U guys first of all stop being irate on calls n be a little bit patient to listen what the agent is saying.whatever they say is correct because they have proof as well (ur statements).n if it is something like that u were told something else n now its anything different then think of to complain about that because u will b having a proof as well as each n every call is being recorded and monitored which u can get on demand..

  • Da
      26th of Aug, 2010
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