Exxoncustomer service

Exxon gas station on corner of callaway rd and austell rd marietta, ga
I pulled to gas station as i use to know owner of this place. I use to live there nearby. The owners short name (Mesh) , thats how every body called him. So one i pulled in (I tough i am gonna say hi and whats going on, how is business.. So once i pulled in on first pump some car stopped behind me and start honking.?? If you need something — get out of the car and tell me what you need.. But jack ### honked another time !!!, i turn off the car and get out asking what do you want.. And there was plenty of space to go around in any direction, any way, when i came out of restroom, , that negro ### start screaming and calling me names !! Me !!, like i own him anything, , of course he didnt expected that i reacted back in same way.. Fu.. K you #### your mo.. M and so on.. I almost start laughing by seeng this show from the side point of view. And ask mesh:— are you going to do something about it ? He replayed : - its my employee. I was speechless and shocked. So he practically kiss his negro ### and showed to to door !! When i said that i am gonna call cops and they will explain this negro ### who is right. To be short - - ### exxon gas station on austell and callaway rd corner !!! Keep away from it, something wrong with this owner ### liker. If you need address and more detailed, i will gladly find it out !! I was ready to twist head off this ### negro american, this is what normally ### get in country where i originally from, , but oooo big no no in usa, , can't touch negro, he is mf special.
I doubt that he is special or even normal!! they look like trash to me. And i nev gonna change my opinion on negros that acting like this. Unfortunately 90% of negroes around atlanta acting or ready to act like this, and only 10% nice normal people !!! Think about it !!, , thanks god trump won !!

Jan 31, 2017

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