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This is the worst travel my wife & I had. I called Expedia and logged a complaint regarding my flight from Mexico City to Cancun where we were denied boarding the Mexicana flight. I bought the ticket with and we started the flight with United Airlines with connecting flight with Mexicana to our final destination. United Airlines did not give us all the boarding passes we need. Our Friday night connecting flight were moved to Monday morning. We were stucked in Mexico City. Mexicana is pushing back the problem to UA saying they should give you the boarding pass, we are only carrier of them. UA claimed that we should check-in with Mexicana. My luggage arrive with Mexicana flight on time at our final destination. We were left behind, one flight away.

Expedia should have take care of my complaints. They simply gave me the Airline phone number and let me logged my own complaint. WORST customer service! We are expecting more than that as our Airline agent.

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  • Ma
      25th of May, 2007
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    Expedia - Terrible customer service
    United States

    Tonight we had one of the worst customer service experiences that we can remember, with expedia and united airlines . I've been a longtime customer of both, but after this, will avoid using either again.

    Our family missed our flight this evening for a quick family vacation to san diego. We'd booked a relatively inexpensive, 1 hour flight thru expedia, with alaska on the outbound and united for the return flight.

    When calling expedia to try to rebook our outbound, we were put on hold for a while. Then spoke to an agent who said we needed to call alaska to rebook, they couldn't do it for us. First of all that is not what i expected from the 'expedia promise - we're here for you every step of the way', at all. What a pain.

    Then we called alaska , and were told they couldn't rebook us. United owns our tickets so we'd have to go thru united, or thru expedia.

    We called united, hold again, then they said they couldn't help us and we needed to call expedia. We then called expedia again, hold again. When we finally got to an agent she said our record is locked because we missed the flight so they can't help us!!

    We finally convinced the agent to call alaska and try and coordinate. We got alaska, but they couldn't confirm anything because united owned the ticket. Then we had to conference call with united. Even with united and expedia on the phone, the agent could not figure out how to rebook our flight. We decided to hang up and call back again to see if another agent could help us.

    We finally gave up trying to get expedia to help us. We spoke to 4 different agents on 4 different calls. On the 4th call i asked to be elevated to a supervisor but after 20 minutes on hold i hung up.

    Then i spent over an hour on the phone with united. The first agent told us they can't help and we need to call expedia. We finally found someone from united who said they could help us rebook. He said he could put us on a united flight tomorrow afternoon. We'd been hoping to fly out earlier if flights were available, since this is a short family vacation and we were traveling with others already in san diego.

    We checked expedia online, and saw an early am alaska flight available to book. It cost $150 one way, about what we paid for our original alaska outbound flight - so it shouldn't be a cost problem for either united or expedia to book us on this flight.

    But the united agents told us they couldn't book us on the flight. When we pressed, they put us on hold. Then they said they could but we would have to wait 12 hours to find out if the reservation is confirmed. Hello, the flight is in 11 hours. The agent hears this but says that's the policy, we have to wait 12 hours, sorry.

    We asked to talk to a supervisor. Longer hold. When we finally talked to her, she was able to book us on the early am alaska flight. After 2 hours of being on the phone.

    To top it all off, the agent also said there would be a $100 change fee and other fees, so a total of $150 per person fees. All this to fly on a flight which clearly has availability, 11 hours from now. Yes we screwed up and missed our flight, but do they really need to put the screws to us so badly? The flight only cost $150 per person, now plus $150 in fees!

    Ps we checked online, and found southwest flies first thing tomorrow morning to san diego $130 each way. After the pain of being given the run around and being put on hold repeatedly, we considered just ditching the outbound and booking on southwest. But we wanted to check with the agent to make sure our return flight would still be valid. And of course, we were told if we did not rebook the outbound and pay the fees, the return flight would be cancelled, even though it's paid for. Extortion - $150 in change fees per ticket, for a ticket which cost $150 to begin with.

    As my mother said - no wonder united is almost bankrupt and expedia is having such a hard time. If they would just pay a little more for better customer service training, train them to elevate certain situations to someone with more skill and authority, give them the ability to actually fix things, not screw their customers in fees - they would be come out ahead profit wise, imho. They wasted not only 2 hours of their service agents' time, they wasted 2 hours of mine. And frustrated me to the point of wanting to tell everyone i know - plus go online and rant about my terrible experience. Which can't be good for their reputations or businesses.

  • Ka
      13th of Jun, 2007
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    I booked a hotel with Expedia and the CS rep told me that I would get a 3 bedroom superior instead we got a 3 bedroom deluxe which was very disappointing. Also, the rep went over everything the 3 bedroom superior had in it and said that she was going to send me a new itinerary that had the updated changes. We never got the new itinerary! We had viewed the pictures of the resort online and it looked beautiful. However, what we got and what was advertised online was 2 different things.

    Below is my complaint that I submitted to Expedia.

    I am writing to inform you that I was very disappointed with the
    vacation package I received from Expedia. First, I did not get what I was promised. I was promised a 3 Bedroom Superior and got a 3 Bedroom Deluxe.

    Second, I was told that I would have 3 balcony views of the greens and instead we had 2 balcony views one of the highway that you could hear all during the night and the other looked into the condos across from us. Our condo was located out in the middle of nowhere. All we had to look at were sand dunes. The pictures placed on the internet for the Ginn showed walking trails and a lake which we could not seem to find even after asking several Ginn employees. The internet made mention of a water park which was not open the entire time we were there. I was also, informed that I would receive 2 king beds and 2 full size beds instead we got 1 king size bed, 2 twin beds and a full size bed. When I called to get this straightened out I was put on hold for an hour and 30 minutes twice while waiting to speak to a supervisor. Needless to say the Expedia's customer service response time was awful!! I'd ask to speak to a manager and the cust service rep would put me on hold for hour!! Then CR would come back on the phone and say o.k. I just got through reviewing your acct let me put you through to a supervisor. I had to wait another hour just to speak to a supervisor and when she couldn't satisfy me I told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor and was put on hold for another hour!!!! How could I enjoy my vacation with being on the dam phone trying to get this issue resolved?? This in itself was enough to make you mad! I spoke to several representatives to try to get us moved to a 3 bedroom superior but was informed there would be an additional cost. How could this be when the rep who made my reservation said there would be no additional cost to upgrade to a 3 bedroom superior??? Nothing but lies!!!

    I strongly believe Expedia owes me my money back for the entire trip due to the inconvenience, stress and false advertising we incurred. We did not enjoy our stay at the Ginn nor did we appreciate the run-around we got from Expedia customer support department.

    Expedia's response:

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Unfortunately, we are limited in providing assistance via email correspondence. In matters such as this, we need to have you on the line while we assist you. Please contact our 24-hour customer support desk. If possible, please have your itinerary number and account information ready when calling.

    If you have further questions regarding this issue, feel free to reply to this e-mail or contact Expedia customer services at 1-800-397-3342 and reference case ID 33832802. You can also visit the

    "Customer Support" page ()
    for more customer service information.

    Thank you for choosing

    So I called Expedia on Friday, June 8, 12 times and each time a customer service rep would tell me that they could not give me a refund unless they got the o.k. from the hotel...then put me hold while trying to reach hotel manager which they were not able to get in touch with AND COME BACK ON THE LINE AND ASK ME TO CALL BACK. NOT ONE OF THOSE CR REPS ASKED ME FOR MY NAME AND NUMBER SO THEY COULD CALL ME BACK!!!Then I would call and ask to speak to an Expedia manager and they kept me on hold for an hour and 30 minutes and came back on the line to tell me our supervisors are really busy right now can you call BACK!!!! I have never heard of such piss poor customer service in my life...AFTER THIS I SUBMITTED A COMPLAINT TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!

    Turns out the Better Business bureau has several phone numbers for Expedia and they have several addresses too. I asked several representatives for the name of Vice President or CEO in charge and they would tell me they did not know who was in charge.

    I submitted a 2nd complaint to Expedia via email requesting my full refund and that I tried calling them 12 times to resolve my issue like they requested and could not get a satisfactory response or even get to speak to a manager. They responded with we are sorry for the inconvenience unfortunately, we can not refund your money.


  • Ka
      10th of Oct, 2008
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    My name is Kalen and I was previously working for for about 7 months. Unforinatly, working in the flights department, I have heard of many similar situations with airline connections. Please know though that as customer support we're there to do what we can to help, but regretably with situations like that the representitive was correct in suppling you with the airline's phone number.

    Basically Expedia is a online booking tool for CUSTOMERS to be their own agents. The reason you may get passed over to an airline in situations like this is because it may be a situation where a refund is able to be granted to the customer. However, Expedia itself does not make profit off the actual flights itself. The only thing Expedia makes from bookings is that $9 booking fee. [Which I think would REALLY help in so many situations if Expedia provided something on their site to show how it actually works]

    Best suggestion I could make to you would be if you're ever booking another flight again through Expedia, make sure all the connecting flights travel with the same airline or partnered airlines. That way if, for whatever reason, something happens it's a LOT easier for the airline and Expedia to assist with the problem.

    Best of luck,

    - Kalen

  • Gi
      27th of Nov, 2009
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    DO NOT under any circumstances book Expedia, Customer Service are kids who follow scripts, have no empathy with their customers just come back with the same quotes in their condescending way. They say they cannot get a refund back from the flight company - what's wrong with them giving their customers a refund, it would ensure consumer loyalty. But no, they decide they would rather lose custom by the bucket load by the amount of unhappy paragraphs on this site.

    Pass these experiences on to ALL your friends and family, let's get rid of these cheap and nasty unhelpful booking sites!!

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