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[Resolved] Expedia / flight delay with air serbia

1 Belgrade, Serbia

To Whom It May Concern,

I writing to you with regards to my negative experience with Air Serbia.

I had a scheduled flight on December 20th at 13:20 from London Heathrow to Belgrade and then connecting flight at 18:20 from Belgrade to Zagreb that was scheduled to be in Zagreb the same evening at 19:35 local time. As you can see the whole journey was supposed to take 5 hours and I paid a price for that of £242.97 to Air Serbia. However, when I arrived to Heathrow airport I was told that the flight will be delayed for 2 hours and that once I get to Belgrade the Air Serbia team will arrange for me the quickest transfer to Zagreb in case I will miss my flight. The captain apologized during the flight for the delay and explained that it was due to delay in getting the clearance from the EU control. The delay was definitely not due to force major such as really bad weather condition but actually something very technical that sounds to me that Air Serbia has full responsibility for. In any case, once we reached Belgrade airport my nightmare started. There was Air Serbia staff on the ground waiting but they were holding no signs or not even saying anything but just standing and waiting for you to ask them a question. I was directed to a staff member who was in charge of Zagreb flight and basically she asked my name and gave a ticket saying that it is for next morning at 6.20 am. She did not say anything more except that I will be staying in a hotel for the night and that the transport is arranged. It seemed there was no option for negotiations although I am just 3.5 hours car drive from my destination and the company does not seem to care. Other people that were in the same situation and even had later flights scheduled for the following day tried to negotiate this decision with the staff member in charge but it seems that she had no authority to make any decision but was just sent as a clerk who needs to pass a message and her job is done. Tensions were high and some people organised their own transport on their own cost to get to Zagreb the same evening. The staff member looked only annoyed with zero compassion for the situation we are in. During the heated discussions, I checked the new ticket that was handed to me and noticed that I have been given a ticket of another person. I raised this with the staff member and she gave me correct ticket with my name on it but I found the whole thing very unprofessional, handled very poorly. Finally, I reached hotel, checked in and the reception told me that transfer will wait for me at 4.30 am to go to airport. At this point I was very exhausted from the whole situation and just wanted to go to room and try to reorganize my plans for Zagreb the next day. I had very important personal plans scheduled for the day and I had only one day to spend with family members who I will not have opportunity to see anytime soon. Just before I slept, reception called me to say that they have double checked with Air Serbia and that my flight is not at 6.20 am but 18.20 in the afternoon. Reception said that the airline have printed the ticket wrongly. This is where my glass has spilled over. Complete and entire incompetence by the airline. Firstly, the miss information in several occasions, then the staff members, and then 24 hour delay for a city that is just 3.5 hour drive away. This is completely unacceptable. I was sitting in my hotel room and I have not even receive a call from the airline to apologize for the inconvenience. They have provided me hotel and transport - so what? I paid you money to get me to my destination in 5 hours not 30 hours. I did not want to be in a hotel in Belgrade, I wanted to be in Zagreb with my family. This is 24 hours in my life that I will not get back!

I am very frustrated with the whole situation and how it is handled. I am expecting a compensation for the trouble I have been put in. If I have paid you £242.97 to get me from my city to another in 5 hours and it took 5 times more.

I will never again fly Air Serbia unless I am force to, and I will make sure that I tell my experience whenever there is a chance to do it.

Looking forward to hear from you.


  • Resolution statement

    I have posted this complaint wrongly. It was never my intention to make this public. I wanted to submit this complaint to Expedia directly and google search took me to a wrong website.

Jan 2, 2018

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