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Chenango Bridge New YorkDUBAI, AE

i am a prepaid user and had tried to take a pospaid plan which was my biggest mistake as i am facing the below consiquences

etisalat has removed me from prepaid and not yet latched to postpaid and the account manager keeps on saying its a bug error and shall be resolved by eod (which is a repeated story from past 6 days)

complaint number / order number: etisalat:0ord-211873-s2j9b1154891937

Also below are the issues I am facing due to which I have made personal and official losses.

1) We missed an important deal confirmation from Seagate brand where he had confirmed that he shall give us marketing support of usd 5, 000 against the plan discussed, late the Seagate team tried calling me to advice the change in the buying plan, as I was not been able to reach due to the phone number not available they have sent the plan as per their convenience and I could not speak and negotiate with them and a loss of usd 1500 has been made.
2) We have a customer for a deal of 10 apple airpods in dubai mall and sales advisor was not able to reach me for a bulk deal and a sale of 649 x 10 units = 6490 aed loss.
3) My wife had to travel on emergency to india yesterday and I was trying to book a indigo airlines flight and was unable to use my credit card OTP which is registered as [protected] and by the time I reached to the ticketing office the cash fair had increased by 210 aed.
4) I have a credit card payment to my dubai Islamic bank and for which the OTP is on [protected] and the due date is missed due to which I have a late payment fees of aed: 250 and 3% intrest for the outstanding.
5) More over we have the industries biggest event due in next 10 days and as a business head for accessories I cannot stay out of touch from my suppliers.

These are all known factors moreover I am not aware if any important message I have missed due to which I am casued inconvenience.

I request you to kindly ask Etisalat for a compensation against this.

Mar 16, 2017

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