Etihadold couple, in plane and at auh airport for 40 hours with no help from etihad staff

Me and my wife senior citizen 69 and 67 years old and was travelling from JFK to LHE. Flight Left 45 mins late from JFK. In middle of the flight something happened and flight landed at Cairo (Egypt) Airport. after waiting for 5 hours inside the plane plane took off again(Cairo airport staff didn't let anyone off the plane--dunno why) Finally Plane landed around 11 PM UAE Time at Abu dhabi...i already missed my connecting flight. Now asked the staff what to do...they said next flight is at 2 PM UAE time and wait in airport somewhere. asked for hotel and staff laughed and said old man ...have old lady sit on chair before someone else will take that chair and you will sit on floor.
Old, confused, language challenge with arab staff...took that advice sat on chair for another 18 hour since 2 PM flight was delayed again due to Fog...I just want for folks to imagine who old parents with disability and from one airport (JFK) to Abu Dhabi 40 Hours with no sleep. No idea what to do with the food, bought food and asked if can sleep somewhere. Finally old asian lady had a pity and showed us the sleeping POD...and said please pay money and at least you can lay down...sure enough ..PODS were full and about 60 people in waiting for line. Believe or not desperation has cause us running around and no help from staff
Finally time came and got home and sick with back pain for few days now heel somewhat to write this.
No wonder These UAE airlines are loosing their ratings. All i can suggest try Qatar or Saudi Airline...I heard at least they are better.

Jan 09, 2015

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