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To whom it may concern,

Terrible  experience,
We are a Diplomatic  family  that travels  on a regular basis and we've  never  been  treated so unprofessional in all our years of flying.

We chose to use Etihad due to their good reputation and service, unfortunately  it wasn't  the case yesterday on our flight  from  Athens to Abu Dhabi. The flight  departed about 1 and a half  hours  late  from  Athens which  meant that we  missed  our connection to Mumbai (909).

Upon  our arrival at  Abu Dhabi we were ushered by one of your  officials to one side explained that the  flight  has left and that  they also didn't have  space  on the  next  morning's  flight  (today the 29th of July ) and we could  only  depart maybe in the  afternoon. I enquired  about sleeping  arrangements as we had 2 small  children  with  us. They mentioned that the  only  option  they had was to book us into the  transit hotel since we couldn't  leave the  airport  due to our diplomatic  passports.

The accommodation  consisted  of a small  cubicle with a bunk bed. ..which  meant our family was split up and the kids had to share our bed as they were petrified of falling from the top.

When I enquired about freshening  up they mentioned that we should  use the public  bathrooms to wash-up in the  morning.  I  was completely  shocked  as iy was the airline's  fault and they  didn't  offer  us the Etihad  lounge  for this purpose.  When I explained  that it was Etihad's problem  your representative  told me it's  not their policy.   After a while  one of your representatives indicated that  we might  use the lounge  but only for 10 minutes to freshen up.

Since we  didn't  have  our baggage  we had no clothes or toothbrushes.  We asked and they said that they would  make a plan providing  us with toothbrushes ...but news from your staff yet and it's  now 5 in the morning.

They handed us some meal vouchers which was only valid  at about 3 outlets. ( not everyone is  addicted to Burger king ) The items  allowed per outlet  was also restricted which  meant  we used our own  money  to  provide for our children's  dietary  requirements.

Anyway. ...hopefully we can leave for Mumbai today. I  will  make  sure that I  share my experience with  all our colleagues from all Diplomatic  missions, Embassies and Consulates as this is  shocking without even  a apology  from  your staff. They say one swallow  doesn't  make a summer or we are a drop in the  bucket. ..well I will  do my best to inform  as much  people  as possible including  photos.


Adriaan Nel

Jul 28, 2018
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  • Et
      Aug 01, 2018

    Hi Adriaan, we're sorry to learn about this. In order for us to investigate this further, please share your experience with us on our website under the tap "About us - Contact us - Feedback". Thanks. *Ivy

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