Etihad Airwaysunprofessional srvice

Was flying from Bangalore to Cairo via Abu Dhabi on the 28th Dec 13. The flight went late by 3 hrs due to fog and my connecting flight too was delayed and hence I went to the assigned gate, after waiting in line for 45 min I was told I am offloaded from the flight for the reason of delayed incoming flight! There was no communication on this whatsoever when I landed. Then I was made to stand in a que for exactly 2 hrs 40 minutes (the que had around 25 guests when I joined). After repeated request they managed to put me in a later flight making me miss the whole days work scheduled at Cairo. I was retuning back on the 31st morning on the same route. Everything was fine till Abu Dhabi. The connecting flight was delayed by more than 2.30 minutes. I was made to wait in a dep hall which had no seats for passengers to sit. After standing there for 2.30 minutes and when I was about to board I was told am offloaded! When I asked for the reason the rude and ugly officer tells me I have cancelled my ticket and taken back money! I asked him how is it possible when am on a single ticket and I have already done one sector from Cairo - Abu Dhabi, he said thats not my problem go to Etihad and talk to them because I am from Jet Airways. I expected the same situation of Q at the Etihad service desks and I requested a senior officer to somehow help me and put me on the same flight. She showed me her computer and told me that it is 100% full and no seats are available. After standing there for 20 minutes someone shouts 'hey we have issues 2 boarding pass to a passenger and we have to cancel one! They promptly issued a new boarding pass to me and sent me to the aircraft. I was thanking the lady officer and went to see that the aircraft was not full and the seat next to me itself was empty! Etihad takes passengers for a cool ride since the tickets are sold in advance and passengers are at its mercy they think they can treat the passenger the way they want. I have never seen an unprofessional airline or the rude staff like this one. I wish to take this complaint to the authorities who can penalise this airline. No one should use this airline ever.

Jan 21, 2015

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