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I have already complained directly to Etihad but since the initial acknowledgement over a week ago, I've heard nothing, even after sending a follow up email 5 days later to see if they had completed their 'investigation'! I find this shocking in this day and age. No company can survive with this significant lack of customer service. I forgot to mention in my original email how awful the food was, I've not eaten worse food on a flight, it was appalling - again a complete contrast to the food on the flight from London to Abu Dhabi, seemed like two airlines. This is my original email to Etihad ... This refers to the second flight from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne. I brought to the flight attendants attention that there was a piece of plastic in the berry compote that came with the vanilla bread breakfast meal!! The attendant apologised but that was the end of it and I really feel it should have been handled with more seriousnes. This is a significant safety concern! Secondly, the tray tables weren't fit for purpose and my husband spilled a little hot tea on his lap as his tray slid towards his lap - the tables are the split ones that fold on themselves and the middle hinge was no longer keeping the tray in a level position and we both were unable to keep the trays from sliding into our laps without pushing our pillows underneath, again another safety concerned. We haven't flown Etihad to date but were excited to as we'd heard good things and were absolutely delighted with the first flight from London to Abu Dhabi where it was clear why you're a premium airline but the second flight was very sub par, the aircraft was old and needed fixing - the trays, the entertainment screen (several options worked intermittently) and the flight attendants weren't near the standard of the first flight. It was a shame really and we are definitely disappointed in the lack of consistency. My husband had tweeted back and forth with Etihad after the first flight and it was full of compliments and praise as we were very pleased. It's my 50th birthday trip and our first trip to Australia but one of many we hope to take. We have very much been looking forward to this for months now and we are sad that one part of the trip will stand out as very disappointing and it's this flight. We are just hoping that the other three flights we are booked on won't have the same safety hazards! I look forward to your prompt response.

  • Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, Jan 29, 2017

    Dear Lauralw1,

    Thanks for coming to us, we would like to help and follow up this case for you. To do so, please send us the case number or your email address, we will get this over to the officer looking after this and request an update.
    We hope to hear back from you to help further *Gill

  • Updated by Lauralw1, Jan 29, 2017

    Thanks. Case number is 522163

Jan 28, 2017

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