Etihad Airlines / flight delays, misleading information from etihad ground staff, baggage went missing for 2 days

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Flight: ey-653 date 03jan / departure at 10:05am to cairo
I had very bad experience with etihad onground staff. because of the ignorance & unprofessional attitude I got from them, I got stuck with my wife and two little kids in the airport for 14 hours and lost our baggage for two days, as listed below:

·not been notified “in advance” on the delayed departure, knowing that the runways were closed since the very early morning hours. flight original departure time was fact I got a confirmation email on the original departure time the day before
·etihad personnel didn't inform us of the rescheduled departure 13:25 (first delay - 5 and half hours) before checking-in our baggage and when complaining to mr. ali omar “baggage check-in supervisor”, he responded with “nothing can be done!”
·getting confirmation that the rescheduled departure 17:30 (2nd delay - 2 more hours) is final and we were asked to proceed to the passport control and to the departure gate. after getting stuck at the overstuffed departure gates. this confirmation turned up to be false!
·etihad personnel at the departure gate was totally unable to assist us or provide clarification / confirmation on the rescheduled departures 23:00 (3rd delay - 5 and half more hours) & 01:00 “next day” (4th delay - 3 more hours)
·our baggage went missing for about 48 hours.

We I contacted them on their feedback email asking for a full refund and compensation, as listed in their own terms and condition (clause 10.2 involuntary refunds), they rejected my demand and offered to through in some air miles which aren't equivalent to my ticket fare.

Can you guys direct me how to escalate this issue? third party or authority to file my complaint at?

Jan 12, 2015

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