ETERNAL SAILOR MOON WING 1/8 FIGURE RESIN MODEL KIT / item was not as described in the ad

1 Thailand
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i bought a anime figure (like a action figure only not movable) from a store called: modelkitsonline i thought it was already together
and when i found out it wasn't i still bought it thinking what the hell ill give it a try. the figure came fast and in a brown packing box no instruction on how to put it together or even what you would need to do so. it did come with a couple of pics of how the figure would look when you had it completed. but the figure was missing some of its parts so i contacted modelkitsonline and told him about the missing parts and he ask for proof so i sent the pics that came with the figure and circled the parts that where missing/broke. and the biggest part that was missing was the figures stand witch is a big part of why i bought the figure in the first place even though the pics clearly shows the figure with the stand (and no where in his ad dose it say that the figure dose not come with a stand) he tells me otherwise! oh and the ad says the figure is 1/8 but no the figure is very small i have 1/8 figures and this figure is not 1/8! he also says in the ad that he will give a full refund if unsatisfied. this ### gives me the run around for months! ... so he took my money about 50 bucks and i got a piece of ### figure that will never be put together. it will rot in its box because i don't have half the parts to it! DONT BUY FROM THIS ### UNLESS YOU WANT JUNK... to tell the truth i hope his store gets shutdown!...

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