Enterprise Rent A Car / damaged rental

We rented a car from Enterprise through our auto insurance. The location at a little past 5pm and twas very busy. The man who had helped us let his co-workers that he had to leave by 5:30, no excuses. He wrote up our contract then walked us out to do a very rushed inspection of the vehicle. When we walked up to the car the trunk was opened so he could show is the spare tire. He closed the trunk as he walked around the passenger side of the vehicle and I followed. He said "we are only looking for any dents bigger than a golf ball and scratches longer than a dollar bill. My husband pointed to damage he saw at the drivers side rear of the vehicle, and the employee said not to worry about it if it was smaller than a golf ball, but said we could notate it anyway. We said a couple more small dongs and again was dismissed with the same sentence. The employee marked two small dings on the two from doors but not the damage my husband had pointed out. The car was dirty with garbage under the seats. We asked if we had to clean it when we returned and he said no. Thinking everything was fine, we left.
When I returned the car it was a different story. The lady who originally helped me had the same man who helped me during the rental go out and look at the vehicle. She came back and told me there was damage on the vehicle and that she would have to file a claim for it. I told her that we didn't hit anything and for most of the duration of our rental (about 10 days) the car was parked in my garage. I also told her that the man who rented us the car was in a hurry and we were rushed through the inspection. The man told me that he is very thorough when he inspects the cars, especially the trunk area because the spare is in there.
There were two separate dents on the trunk, both smaller than a golf ball. But Enterprise is trying to count both of them as one total dent because they are close together. This seems fraudulent to me because by them doing that, it fits their purpose and allows them to claim the damage.
We were told that all that would be done that day was returning the vehicle. They said that the car would be given a damage estimate and investigation on prior contracts and that would then tell us whether we are responsible and how much. They charged my card $300 before any estimate was given.
The manager told my husband that there was a good chance that they wouldn't even fix the damage because it wasn't "that bad".
The car that was given to us had been returned at 5pm, and it was 5:29 when we were out ready to leave. So in a period of less than 30 minutes they state they were able to do a thorough inspection of the vehicle, return the vehicle, re-service the vehicle, rent the vehicle to us and do another inspection on the vehicle. All without any mistakes. In that small of a time window, it's impossible to be able to be as thorough as they claim.
We asked for time stamped photos of the return prior to our rental and they said they don't do that because they do contract inspections.
We believe the man who rented the car to us was in so much of a hurry that when he returned the car before us he either missed the damage or deliberately skipped the damage because he didn't have time to deal with it then. We believe that he knew the car was going to us through an auto insurance contract and attempted to make us responsible for the damage to the vehicle.
The lady who started the return on our rental called my husband later and was very unprofessional with him. She told him that the card was charged $300 and she was closing the contract, knowing we were disputing the claim and without any estimate given.
I wish that I had known about all the many complaints that I have seen since this experience, I would have never done business with a company who takes such advantage of their customers.

Apr 12, 2016

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