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We visited Seattle from October 8 through October 12. We rented a car from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. They said the total charges would be $211.75. We left very early on the 12th. The Enterprise office at Sea-Tac wasn't open and there was a sign instructing us to turn in the car a Comfort Inn. At this hotel, there was only a basket for turning in the keys. We put the keys in the basket and took the shuttle to go to the airport.

Enterprise is now claiming we turned in the car on October 16 and have charged us $379.82 on October 23. This is not true. We turned in the car on October 12 at 4:30 a. m.

Enterprise is simply lying and have overcharged us. Don't use this company.

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  • El
      Feb 04, 2009

    They did the same thing to us in New York. Rented a car for one day, but got charged for 9 days! When we disputed it with our credit card company, they had the gut to provide false documentation of a 9 day rental. Then a few months later, we found another charge from them. We called their corporate office and the manager gave us some reason for not logging in our rental return properly, and the latter charge might be a ticket citation after we returned the car. Very dishonest merchant. Don't ever use them!

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  • Me
      May 08, 2009

    Same issue with them. I rented a car for 2 days. I turned it in on time at 12:30pm. A few days later, I see my charge card statement, it showed they charged me for an extra day. There is no excuse for this. I should have been suspicious because when I was at the place, a couple came in with the same complaint AND when I came to turn the car in, there was a lady there with the same issue. Lousy!!

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  • Ig
      May 23, 2011

    I have been renting from Enterprise lately & i was very happy until recently, they over charged me on my rental for a Vauxhall Mereva i was charged £75 instead of £44 for the special weekend, i mentioned this to them & i was fobbed off they told me the prices may have gone up so i accepted that, after a few hours of having the car i got a puncture, there was no spare tyre & jack in the boot just a stupid puncture repair kit, so i phoned the AA because Enterprise was closed i only had the car Friday half day Saturday & Sunday & Monday half day & lost out on Friday nights rental because of the tyre, the AA man came & said the tyre was damaged on the tyre wall & could not be repaired, i phoned Enterprise in the morning & they told me i would have to pay for a new tyre which was £65 so i had to spend my Saturday morning having the car tire replaced at Kwik Fit at my cost, when i eventually took the car back on Monday morning i mentioned the £75 i was charged & showed them a print out from the internet on a group C car they then apologised & refunded me the £31, just over a week later i received a letter from Enterprise saying that i was not covered for the AA even though they supplied me with the telephone number in case anything went wrong they admit there was an operator error (the AA said they would put the kit on for me but never did they just left without doing anything because the tyre couldn't be repaired) they are now saying this operator error is being passed to me & i am having to pay £72 call out charge, if this is how they treat their customers i am no longer a customer & i am in the process of speaking with trading standards about this, Enterprise are are ok when all is going well but if anything goes wrong then they jump on you like a ton of bricks, all this for a tyre puncture which in my opinion is wear & tear.

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