Enterprise Holdingsrental car facility that double charged a disabled senior citizen

I have a friend that rented a car at the Newberg location. She paid cash and was told her reciept would be emailed to her and she didn't owe anything and was paid in full. Apparently she had also given debut card info to cashier and was charged on it as well. Since she had withdrawn cash for rental Her account did not have sufficient funds and was unaware of charge as she had paid in full. When she returned she paid more cash to facility. She is on a fixed income, disabled and a senior citizen.When she questioned the facilities actions she was informed no video surveillance was available and her witness to her paying cash wasn't valid. The authorities say it's a civil matter and she couldn't afford to pursue it. Her bank account is messed up and I'm pretty sure that if your company rents a vehicle on a NSF account there's a problem!(AND takes cash payment!) Your employees informed her she isn't allowed to contact anyone about this other than thru the court's. PLEASE advise and HELP and make this right!

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    I need immediate action on this. I have checked out the DUPLICATE receipt that has obvious overcharges on it . Please review rental agreement 252K6B. My friend has 3 receipts and this is not one and is the only one online.

  • Enterprise Holdings Customer Care's Response, Jun 07, 2018

    Thank you for the post. Our team acts as a bridge between our customers online and the upper managers that can best address their concerns. Based on the nature of your concern, I have followed up with our Regional Office above our local Enterprise Oregon operations in Newburg. I have asked that one of the Area Managers research your concern and contact Ms. Walker to discuss and provide resolution. I have included the contact and contract information with this correspondence.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our team directly. Chris M

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    Also the emailed copy that was sent to Ms.Harkers email by the Newberg Enterprise states she made 2 cash payments of the same amount at that time. If this establishment doesnt accept cash then explain this to me. If they are telling you.they don't accept cash from customers then they are pocketing the payments

    rental car facility that double charged a disabled senior citizen
    rental car facility that double charged a disabled senior citizen
Jun 05, 2018

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