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Enterprise Car Rental / terrible experience!

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I rented a car from enterprise at 2301 W. Sample Rd. Pompano Bch, Fla.33073. On Sept. 28,2007. I returned the car back on
Oct. 1,2007. The amount for the car were $135.01. Enterprise failed to credit my account with the remaining balance of my $250.00 which they with held for the deposit. I contacted enterprise on Oct.5,2007 to see what the problems were concerning my credit. I spoke to Andy the assistant manager he inform me he were going to take of it it were never done. I spoke to John Savino the branch manager, he inform me he were going to take care of it and give me a call back. Nothing were done. I never received a call from John. Until I reported him to there corporate office. I called and complained to there customer care center [protected] nothing done. I called Jaime Pages at the corporate office to inform her of the problem she also said she were going to need a copy of my bank statement I faxed it over to her On Oct. 29,2007, never received a call back from her. I initiated all the calls concerning my money. Jaime Said she were going to speak to John. Nothing still not taken care of. John left me a message on my home phone on Dec.4, or 5th for me to call him. I called him back he pretended he had no clue as to why he needed to contact me. I began to tell him that Jaime Pages the secretary of the ceo told me that she see that the transaction were done indeed wrong. He stated he were going to contact her at get back to me, no phone call as of today from John. He totally ignored me and my situation. I left numerous messages for him to return my call he never did. I spoke to Stephanie one of the Managers and left my contact number. He never called. I called him On Dec. 5,2007 to see what the status he inform me to contact there accounted and that Jaime had no glue as to what I were speaking about. On Dec. 7, 2007, I contacted the customer care center again for the 4th time, I wanted to speak to someone on a higher level to get this resolved. I spoke to Don one of the customer care mangers he then got enterprise on the phone, we spoke to Stephanie again she informed me she gave John the message, they were going to take care of the problem on that day. Nothing has been resolved as of yet. The account after I left her a message on Friday morning De.7,2007 she called my home and left me a message while I am at work. I left my work number on numerous accounts no one would ever call they would call the home when I'm not there. I would like for someone to take care of this problem I have been battling with them Since Oct. 5,2007. All I've been getting were the run around. No one seems to care or want to conclude this matter. I would like to be credited back to my account from the remaining of my $250.00 dollars. This is why I am sending this complaint against enterprise, because they have handled my situation in a very disrespectful manner and a lack of concern, concerning a customer. I have never gone through this with enterprise before. I have been renting cars from them for a very long time. This is the first time I ever ran into this problem. This enterprise does not have a concern for there customers. I think the company needs to review who they has working for them. These people are giving enterprise a ban name as well as a ban repretation. I will never rent a car from that enterprise again.

Polly Fuentes.

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  • Ta
      8th of Feb, 2008
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    We found 2 memory sticks from a digital camera in a car we rented from Enterprise in Anaheim, CA on Jan 3/08. I viewed them and there are photos on them. The employee at enterprise said that there was no way to track down the previous renters of the car. They suggested that we keep the cards delete and use them ourselves. Well, I don't want to delete them or throw them away. If i could find the owner i would gladly return them.

  • Er
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    what you need to do is contact your credit card company and file a fraud charge against enterprise. they will investigate enterprise

  • Te
      18th of Apr, 2008
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    Glad you are honest...if you REALLY want to see a bunch of crooked car renters, rent from Buget in BirminghamAL or atlanta GA- the same crooked cuban owns both.

  • Te
      18th of Apr, 2008
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    I know for a fact that on 9-11-01, the manager of the Birmingham location DOUBLED and sometimes TRIPLED "one way" rates. There were many planes deverted to Birmingham, because of the events, the airport became packed with paniced travlers just trying to get back home. Budget took advantage of the supply and demand theroy and hit those poor scared people with unbelivably high rates. If you rented from them on this occasion- please be aware that the rate they charged you was much higher than the day before, they are CROOKS.

  • Fr
      18th of Oct, 2008
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    I recently rented a car from Enterprise in Augusta, Maine. I picked the car up 10/06/2008. I kept the car for a few days and returned it. I was in such a hurry I forgot my tool bag in the back. $200 worth. I called the rental place 207-623-1855 the next morning. The tools were not found and the car was in Manchester, N.H. I called Manchester and asked what the procedure was when a car was returned. The man told me that the car was completely gone over with every return - front, back and trunk. So tell me, how did the employees of this very small Augusta location fail to see my tool bag. I am mad at myself for being in such a hurry that I left my tool bag behind, but even more upset that Enterprise would employ such dishonest people. There is no way in hell that those tools were overlooked, especially if someone was doing their job. Maybe they need a better manager at this store! The man who rented me the vehicle was Alec. So beware. If you are renting a car in Augusta, go to Budget. It is conveniently located at the Augusta airport. Prices are the same.

  • Mi
      18th of May, 2011
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    I experienced this same type of situation. I went into Mill Valley CA to renew a contract for the airport. Instead of Mill Valley renewing my contract they Mill Valley office, Wendy Kastner rewrote a new contract so her office could benefit from my rental. She then charged an extra $1, 000 fee to my credit card. To date it has been worse than a circus. They are still holding my $1, 000 and I never agreed to have my contract switched. This office is vile. I never had the experience with the airport. They never thought up bogus charges to apply to my credit card. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ENTERPRISE CAR RENTAL HERE IS THE ADDRESS 35 REED BLVD MILL VALLEY. If you see Wendy Kastner RUN

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