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Enterprise Car Rental / forced to pay extra money

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I rented a car from enterprise on 5/26/07 and was returning it on 5/28/07. I was quoted a price which was reflected on my contract. When I went to return the car on 5/28/07 in the morning, they were closed. I was surprised to see the ink written sign was taped to the door. I put the keys in the drop box and left the car.
On Tues. May 29 I was told by the manager that I will be charged for an extra day because they were closed on Mon. I was never advised that they would be closed on the day I was returning the car and an extra charge would apply. The charge was not as big a deal as the misleading agenda. I will be forced to pay the extra on my credit card but I will never deal with Enterprise again. They are losing my business for approx. $20.00.

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  • Js
      3rd of Dec, 2008
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    Yes! Enterprise is all about deception. State Farm/Fraud set me up with a car from Enterprise because a State Fraud customer slammed into the car I owned. I asked the Enterprise criminal for a small car, and he told me he could let me use a car about the size of a Toyota Corolla. I told him that was what I wanted. When we got to the parking lot, he walked me to a gigantic Chevrolet that resembled a van on the inside. I told him I did not want one of those, and he said in a condescending voice, "It's the only red car in the parking lot." Huh? Looking back, I think he was saying, "Enterprise can get more money from State Fraud if you drive this one." I was in a major hurry, so I took it and left.

    I paid Enterprise for 5 days of their insurance because State Fraud would not pay for insurance on the Enterprise car. I flat out told the guy I wanted 5 days of insurance because I thought my own car might be fixed by then. Well, State Fraud took two weeks to tell me that my car was totalled and said I needed to return the Enterprise car once I picked up my wreck check. Enterprise called me the same day and told me I needed to go ahead and come in immediately (before getting my check) to pay for the past 13 days of insurance. What??????!!! I asked and paid specifically for FIVE days of the insurance. I had a huge argument with that criminal and his corrupt manager about contract law, and the corrupt manager told me that a clause about continued insurance without a paper signing was in the fine print on the back of the contract. I looked for it, and he said it would be way too hard to find it right away. He started to pull the contract out of my hand with the excuse that he was going to write something on it for me. I resisted and kept reading. I could not find the clause. He pulled the contract all the way out of my hand and used his excuse again. After about 30 minutes, I decided to give them a spec of the benefit of the doubt, and we negotiated that I would pay for 6 of the 13 days. The next day, I read the entire body of fine print on the back of the contract. The clause was not there!!! This criminal flat out lied to me in front of a room full of his customers. I naively assumed he would not dare do that, but he did. What a low life ###!

    I looked on the internet to see if anybody else has had such an experience, and I found a whole universe of information on the corruption of Enterprise. There are even websites dedicated to hatred for Enterprise's corruption. I can't believe they are still in business! Why are they?????

    Tell everybody you know what a scummy business Enterprise is, and tell everybody to spread the word as far as it can go. Dateline and 20/20 would love to know that the number 1 car rental business in the United States is blatantly deceptive toward its customers and that they are thieves who are no better than serial pick pockets. As far as I am concerned, Enterprise might as well be stealing stereos and televisions from people. Yes, they are on that level. The whole country needs to know this. Spread the word and tell people to keep spreading it, and flood the news organizations with what you know about that rotten company!

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