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Enterprise / worst experience ever

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Micheal Goldstein threw us out of the branch and here is my angry letter to Darren Moon.

Dear Darren Moon:

I am Jean Henriquez and I have been am Enterprise customer for quite some time. I was very discouraged and disappointed by my last experience with Enterprise involving one of your employees by the name of Michael Goldstein.

I had made a reservation online for April 27th 2008 until May 1st 2008 to rent a standard car while I was in NYC for work for 5 days. With me was my general manager, Esther Garcia, whom I made the reservations under because I had misplaced my debit card. I had called the La Guardia branch two days before to make sure that I was going to be allowed to be added as a second driver to the rental. I was told that as long as I had proof that I flew in from another city that I would be allowed to be the second driver without any additional information but my driver’s license.

When we arrived, tired and with five bags of luggage, Michael Goldstein was the agent that was available to help us. Michael started asking us for all types of information, such as where we were going, contact information in New York, the phone number to the hotel we were going to stay in, my mother’s address, her phone number and the address to the hotel in Providence, RI where we were having our other conference.

I am lamented to say that I regret renting cars from Enterprise before this fact, two weeks before I had rented from Enterprise in Detroit, I did not have to give them any of that information Mr. Goldstein asked us for. Michael Goldstein was rude and upset me to an extreme. He had us there for 45 minutes trying to rent us a car. I had asked him to add me as an additional driver and he wanted my information in which I gave him my driver’s license, cell phone number, and home address. He wanted a credit card and I told him that I did not have it with me because I had misplaced it along with my debit card. He proceeded to tell me that he could not add me as an additional driver.

Michael continued harassing us for information. After a while, he claimed that his computer locked up and passed us over to another agent to help us. The agent, Alex, was again taking our information and moving along with the rental when Michael came out of nowhere and told Alex to cancel the reservation. I asked him what he meant and he said that he wasn’t going to rent us a car. At this point I asked to speak to the general manager. He came around the counter, got on his cell phone and circled the building outside and came in to tell us to go outside to talk. I refused to go outside because we didn’t do anything worth having to go outside of the store to have any kind of conversation. Mr. Goldstein threatened to call the police and continued taunting me with that threat. As you can imagine, I was very angry and felt utterly baffled with how extreme he was taking the situation that should never have reached this level of discourse. That was when another manager stepped in to try to diffuse the situation. Michael threw us out of the property and we had to pay for a cab in order to rent a car from another rental car company.

I called a few times to speak with you and you were never available. No one tried to help us. Mr. Moon, I hope that you will take the proper course of action in disciplining and hopefully terminating your employee Michael Goldstein. I will be posting this letter and sending it to everybody I know, letting them know of my experience with Enterprise and how they did not care.,,, and are only a few examples of the places I plan to present this information to the public.

I hope that this experience and my willingness to make it a public matter will motivate you to do the right thing. Know that you lost a valuable customer and will lose many more due to my efforts. I will not be taken lightly. I’m sure you will review your customer service policies with the rest of your staff.


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