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I had ordered a jacket from Appleseeds on line and after the transaction was completed a web page followed (pop-up I suppose) telling me that I was entitled to free shipping on my order. My shipping cost was only $5 so I decided not to pursue that. I was also offered a $15 coupon on my next order which I did pursue until I realized I would be signing up for some membership thing I didn't want. So I closed the website without signing up for anything. I didn't notice that my credit card was being charged $14.95 a monthright away, but when I did I hit the roof. Nowhere on the charge was the name Encore Marketing - I found out the name when I called to complain. I complained so vigorously that they offered to refund 12 months of charges to my credit card. That may have been a promise just to get me off the phone.

Then I called Appleseeds to complain about their affiliation with Encore Marketing and got a big runaround from them too. Like it was all my fault that I apparently didn't read every bit of the small print or uncheck some box or other and that I thought I was still dealing with Appleseeds. Appleseeds is complicit in this fraud as is Drapers and Damons. I got hoodwinked by Encore Marketing through Drapers and Damons a couple years ago.

I will pursue this.

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  • Kr
      8th of May, 2010

    You act like it's a big deal to "read every bit of the small print" - do you do this when you sign a contract? Any time you put your credit card information on the internet, if a pop up with the associated website appears, you have to read everything. Or you could just close it. I wouldn't count on that 12 month refund if you were only charged for 1. While they may be dishonest, it's by no means fraudulent or in any way illegal if their terms are on there - regardless of how small the print is. Good luck with your pursuit.

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  • Sa
      6th of Nov, 2010

    Guys if u want ur refunds back just called the emi guys, some indian will pickup and ask him for full refunds he'll provide two first then transfer the call to some consumer guy who is also a indian, and dont give up ask for more refunds, he might offer you till a year and if u ask for more he would transfer the call to another supervisor who can give you your full refunds... during the call dont forget to threaten them with attorney, BBB, and mention that u'll take legal action on them cause thats the magic word. belive me it works 100% !!..

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