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Empire Carpet / Crappy Quote

1 MD, United States Review updated:

Please save your self the time of dealing with pushy salesman and DON'T use Empire for flooring and/or in home estimate. My husband and I are in the process of doing some small renovations in our home to include flooring. We recently saw an ad for Empire, to buy one room get one free, sounds good right? Not so much. I called and scheduled an in home estimate, and within a week had a salesman in my house. This part I was pleased with, friendly customer service over the phone but that must be the sugar on the outside of the poo sandwich. The salesman showed up to our house right at the appointment time (a plus), but immediately mentioned about how he had tried to contact me to come earlier, and questioned me about why I didn't answer the phone (huge brownie points LOST here). He brought in samples of the crappiest carpet I had ever seen, and proceeded to plop down on my couch, and dance around all questions we had about the price of the carpet. My husband and I are fairly new at this whole renovation thing, so we asked all the common questions, how much per square foot for the carpet, our salesman's response "We don't do price quotes that way, we are a Next Day company and are price includes movement of your furniture and installation of your new carpet." I wanted to throw him out then, but decided to be nice despite my gut feeling about this whole thing being WRONG. He went on to take measurements of the 2 rooms that we wanted carpeted, show us the crappy samples that he had (explaining that the one that was on sale for %60 off, was basically the bottom of the barrel crap that he was showing us. My husband and I said to go ahead and qive us a quote for the grade 1 (lowest grade) and the grade 2, just to see what the difference in price was. He sat there with his little calculator and then told us for less than 400 square feet of crap carpet installed "Next Day" it would be $2600.00! I wanted to throw him out for sure now. He then proceeded to tell us that for Grade 2 (the next crap carpet up) that it would be $3200.00, was he crazy??? We explained from the beginning of this terrible meeting that we were just gathering information and would not be making any decisions on the spot, he was insitant on "earning our business", he repated this several times. After a price drop of $400.00 in less than 10 minutes, he then asked "what were you looking to spend?" We explained that we were looking to spend no more than $1500.00 install included. All the sudden our helpful salesman, got his butt off my couch and said he would like to make a phone call to his boss to see what he could do, but that he would need to get his phone out of his vehicle. What a shock there? After a brief walk out to his car and back into my living room, he dialed his boss, who spoke loud enough for me and my husband to here and stated the he could allow the salesman to cut us a deal for $1560.00 if we signed today. This manager must have been psychic, how else could he have known that $1500 was right in our price range. I find this odd, wouldn't you?? It took me 10 more minutes to get this guy out of my house, I kept explaining we wanted to get other price quotes first and that we would contact him back to let him know for sure what we had decided. He informed my husband and I that it would be extrememly hard for us to find carpet for cheaper than what he had quoted us at the "quality" that we looked at, and repeated at least 3 more times about how he "wanted to earn our business today". No ###, if I was a salesman trying to rip innocent consumers off, I would also like to "earn their business" within the first 20 minutes of meeting them, so they didn't see what was coming. We finally go this man out of our house, and then called some friends of ours that live within a mile of us to see where they went for their carpeting. It was a local company who has a full warehouse, where you are able to select your carpet with no salesman in your face with "price per square foot installed" price tag's on every single sample. They were able to get their whole house carpeted for around $4000.00 with no hassle and their carpet looks FANTASTIC. Our friends also went to on to tell us that they had the same exact experience with Empire even with the same exact salesman, same pricing even for ONE room that was smaller than the 2 rooms that we were trying to get carpet for. Empire is a total rip off, I recommend anyone who has is looking for quality carpet at a decent price, and no forced agreement the day you have an estimate to steer clear of this company, and go ELSEWHERE. So glad that we did not actually sign an agreement, I can see other consumers on here that unfortunately went to the next step. Happy Carpeting with some one other than Empire to all consumers out there that need flooring.

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      25th of Feb, 2010
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    All the complaints that I have read on Empire Flooring are I beleive true 100%. I know. I trained with them and walked away before I answered one lead and I needed a job. They are very subtle in the art of sales psychology and pressure. They also micro-manage their salesmen. The employees and salesmen that I have met are very honorable it's just the dog and pony show they have to do to close a sale. They over measure, and over price. All that advertising has to be paid for by someone. who pays? YOU. The salesman is not an employee but a sub-contractor that has to be incorporated and have a home improvement license so Empire cannot be sued. They install the next day so the three day recession won't be a factor. The list goes on. My advice is don't buy anything from anyone unless they have a showroom. That cuts down on these types of bad experiences. This is also why one should get more than one estimate to protect yourself. Remember, There is no such thing as a "SALE" only profit margin. Cavaet Emptor

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