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Dear sir / madam,

My husband recently made a booking with emirates to fly to australia via dubai. He entered my married surname instead of my maiden surname on the booking. My passport is still under my maiden name.
Nevertheless, we have all the documents including the original australian marriage certificate, australian driving license which is under my married surname and other banking information to prove my identity.

Now, we needed to cancel/re-issue our booking and pay the fine of 200 pounds!!

It is absolutely ludicrous that you have to erase the whole booking in order to amend or perhaps add a small note to the booking.

What do you think?? Do you think it is unfair to charge such a large sum?

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  • Sa
      Oct 01, 2010

    This is ridiculous. Are you implying that they may be illiterate? I have the original marriage certificate - which by the way can be checked out very quickly. By the way excuse got from Emirates that Australia won't let me thought!! Absolutely rubbish - especially if the certificate itself is Australian. Not to mention all other supporting documents should this even be an issue.

    Now, lets consider that you have a valid point. But WHY charge 200 pounds! Don't you think that it is little too much? You cannot justify 200 pounds to amend the booking in this situation!!

    Also, what happened to customer service. I shall NEVER EVER do any business with Emirates as not only they have been unhelpful but also rather rude. They provided not even slight tone of empathy. Emirates customer service is mind boggling - they should tape their employees and get outsiders to rate it!! If you don't believe me phone Australian Quantas and try to complain or even make a booking and you will know what I am referring to!

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  • Sa
      Oct 01, 2010

    Also, Apparently BA changes 25 pounds for this same situation!!

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