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United Kingdom Review updated:

Myself and collegues from a top UK university booked to fly to Dubai and connect onwards to Kenya using the online system and all seemed well. The money showed as been taken from my account and i recieved my e-tickets just fine.


My bank account showed the money had been sent BACK to my account! I called my bank who confirmed that Emirates had been sent the authorisation code needed but had not accepted it and as such the money was returned.

Then it gets silly...

I naturally good heartedly called Emirates from the telephone number supplied as a UK number from the website and explained to a pleasant woman the situation. She confirmed our flights were 100% booked and confirmed and they wouldnt be cancelled and the money HAD been taken which is why i had the e-tickets. I called my bank to find out what they were playing at and find out where the money had come from and the INSISTED Emirates had NOT taken any money!

So i called Emirates again and was hung up on instantly... and then called again and spoke to a nice lady who said the finance department needed to look into it and to call back in 30 mins to confirm payment had been taken... she even asked for my card number again which naturally i gave thinking nothing of it as i figured i had paid by card and she would need to search some database to confirm payment? Silly me?

30 mins later as requested i called back... a gent spoke who clearly didn't understand English and he hung up on me! (By now i was starting to worry). So... i called AGAIN and spoke to ANOTHER gentleman who AGAIN hardly understood English and he simply kept telling me to call back in the morning and lots of terminology that made NO sense before saying the number i had called was in Dubai (even though it is CLEARLY stated on the website as UK!) Obviously considering i have VALID tickets and have not PAID for them you would think emirates would be keen to take payment?! But OH NO... i am DREADING my bill (i was calling from a mobile telephone) and i'm now pretty certain we as a university will take our business elsewhere and an official complaint letter including a request for re-imbursement for the sham telephone number trick will be winging it's way to Emirates.

You would think one of the worlds best airlines would take more care of things and they would need to seriously upgrade our tickets to make us even consider using them again. AWFUL.

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  • Ra
      30th of Sep, 2010
    Emirates Airways - stolen items

    He manager

    Subject : stolen items from our bag


    I want to inform you that the some of the tems are stolen from our bag at airport, (Telephonic talk to miss pooja on p. No. 011-25654939/40/43)

    Detail of list of stolen items:

    1. Black label old scotch whisky - rs. 3500 / - - 1 bottle

    2. Wrist watch - rs. 3000 / - - 1 pc

    3. Artifical ladyset (Egipt) - rs. 5000 / - - 2 set

    4. Rowanda tea - rs. 1000 / - - 2 kg

    5. Black shoe - rs. 900 / - - 1 pair

    Please do needful in my favour and take necessary action aganst this

    Extra detail:

    Pessanger ticket no. : 1769753044285
    Passport no :g8051152
    Name : mr. Rajeev gupta
    S/o sh shiv lal gupta
    Address: c/o shiv lal gupta
    R/o h. No. 13, w. No 4,
    Near samrat hotel, udhampur
    Jammu & kashmir
    Pin no 182101

    Flight name: emirates
    Dated: 10 sep-2017
    724 economic
    Entebbe to dubai

    Date: 11 sep-2017
    Dubai to delhi (Economy 510)

    Most urgent

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  • Th
      21st of Nov, 2011
    Emirates Airways - mistreatment
    Emirates Singapore

    I'm a. V. T. S. Premawardane. I was on board the flight ek 349 on 21st november 2017 from singapore to colombo. I serve as a first officer in foreign going (Unlimited) vessels. Seafarers are normally allowed a baggage weight of about 40 kg. Although there were many vacant seats on the flight (More than 20) and though I spoke politely to the officer in charge about this matter he ignored me in a very offensive way and charged me an extra amount for my baggage which weighed less than 40 kg. I wish to know why seafarers are mistreated this way. Thank you.

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  • Se
      22nd of Nov, 2011

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