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I found no way of providing a feedback to Emirates Airlines, in their own portals. This itself shows Emirates irresponsibility in catering to the customer.

The reason I didnt send this complaint last week (immediately after my travel) is because, I didnt want it to be lost in the Volcanic Dust !!!

Hoping that somebody from Emirates will look upon this forum for feedbacks.

I wanted to bring to your notice that your service from Dubai (DXB) to Kochi (COK) is pathetic, whereas your service from Dubai (DXB) to London Heathrow (LHR) is one of the best in its category.

Need to know, why there is a discrimination in flights to different destinations?

To give an account of the story, I booked a Return ticket from LHR <-> DXB <-> COK. The flights LHR -> DXB and DXB -> LHR were truly world class, whereas the ones from DXB -> COK and COK -> DXB were equally pathetic.

DXB -> COK - Quality of the plane was very low. The plane was an old timer. Service mentality of the stewards was very bad.
COK -> DXB - Eventhough, the menu had 2 Non Veg meals and 1 Veg meal, when I asked for a Non Veg meal, your flight had no stock of it. Only Veg Meals were available. Again, service mentality of the stewards was very bad.

If you want to coampare 2 extreme way of catering / servicing, I suggest you go on a trip from LHR to COK, via DXB.

I have spent £ 525 for my Return ticket (which is comparatively on the higher end) and unfortunately, have to say that I am thoroughly dissatisfied with the Service. I would definitely say, Spending this much amount on this flight was not worth it.

No matter how good you cater to one location, if the service is pathetic to other locations, you wont be considered as top class. I suggest, you work on the discrimination part immediately. Cultures might differ, but all should be treated equal.

Travel Details:

E-Ticket Number: 176-[protected]
Ticket Issue Agency: SOUTHALL TRAVEL


Thanks and Regards
[name removed]

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  • Sh
      28th of Apr, 2010

    too bad that they dont have a complaints board !!!

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  • To
      5th of May, 2010

    U r pathetic by thinking U could buy the whole world with only £ 525. Meal choice could run out on DXB/LHR or any other flights.

    OMG~~I bet U r the Brit. passport holder but with the heavy Indian accent. Expecting there is a lavatory for Brit Indian.

    If U want a better service, then buy the biz class or 1st class ticket. Stop whinning in economy and expecting to be treated like a King

    Did U spend all ur $$ for the ticket that U couldn't afford to have sth decent before the flight. Aircraft food is rubbish, dunno why U make such a big deal about it. All U ppl want is chicken

    Read carefully @ the last bottom line on the menu card. There is an apology about running out of meal choice. Bring a pair of glasses (if U still have $$ to buy a pair) onboard if U can't see it or perhaps... U can not read English but Indian only.

    No wonder Indian is well-known one of the worst passenger to the aviation industry. U should go travel in the States where everybody is well behave by buying whoes own meal before the flight or carrying onboard.

    If U want others ppl to pay respect to U then U should repect urself by educating & behaving urself.

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  • Sm
      5th of May, 2010

    Dont know what made you write all the below. Are you seriously a gone case (probably a US passport holder ?, who shud learn to write proper english, without grammer mistakes).

    Pal, its not only my accent, but the whole of my nationality is indeed Indian (and am proud of it). I am not a Brit passport holder, but since I am good at something, brits want me to work on that something in UK, temporarily. Didnt know that its a big sin.

    So, according to you a good service will be provided only in the Business / 1st Class eeh.. ? Buddy, look at the mail again closely, I am not complaining about Economy class, but the discrimination in service among flights to different destinations.

    Im an Indian and to be specific, I am a malayalee (hailing from Kerala) and most of us malayalees are non vegetarians (dont know, if that is a sin as well) and thats why I demanded for non veg food. Asking for what you like / want in a flight (if they have mentioned it in the menu) is something to be catered with.

    Even my wife (travelled separately) had the same experience, in the same flight to DXB from COK. That implies that its not the stock getting over, but they dont keep stock of non veg meals atall in the flight. Thats where I complain. Everybody pays the same rate (atleast in economy), then why the discrimination ?

    Buddy, dont get offended, but this forum is intended for complaints against a service. When I posted the complaint, I really meant that somebody from Emirates will have a look and take necessory steps.

    I would appreciate it, if you keep it the same way.

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  • Sk
      18th of Jul, 2010

    I agree on the complaint raised. On the same note, the guy with the name "To da pathetic pax" seems really pathetic to me. Frankly though, with the type of English he types, it feels he had 10 beers in an economy class and lost control of everything, and is shouting against someone who has raised a valid complaint. If there is something issued on the menu card, then the passenger has all the right to ask for it. This guy thinks that if you have a tiny lettered apology at the end, you are to keep your mouth shut. How about he going to India and having a dinner at a restaurant with a menu card similar to this? Would he be smiling and appreciating that the restaurant had graciously written an apology on their menu card. This pathetic guy would be the first to blabber his complaints all over the world then.
    The guy needs to grow up. SMJ, on the other hand, paid for something and is only asking a fair service for what he paid. He doesnt write as if all his earnings were half a thousand pounds or so, but he is fully entitled to raise his complaint.
    Being and India, and being proud to be one, I am happy SMJ took the time to reply to that "nonsense" guy in detail.

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  • Sm
      19th of Jul, 2010

    Thanx for your support Skylark7.

    Yes, "Mr. Pathethic" have to grow up. May god bless him in his endeavour of growing up !

    But, what about the mighty Emirates Airlines ? They are a big chain and they ought to be grown up and more responsible, but they are not. Nobody responsible from the airlines have replied to me in any way. I have raised the same complaint in some other forums as well. No replies, no comments from anyone.

    I have decided that I will NEVER EVER travel again in Emirates. Thats the least I can do, to protest. They sure have lost 2500 pounds from me and my family (was planning for an India trip in the winter). Better to spend it on Air India. The Air India flights are better, I heard and can also carry 46 KGs per head of luggage.

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  • Su
      28th of Jul, 2010

    If you are talking about discrimination i bet to disagree. Try to compare the services with other destinations in Emirates fleet. It is only in India that Emirates serve lemon drink on ground plus the mixed nuts after take-off. Meals are catered with a special indian dish. Every flight, every passenger has different prefered meal. It is not a mistake of anyone if the meal choices are done. It is clearly at the bottom of the menu card that the meal choice may ran out. I'm a frequent flyer (Gold skyward)and proud to be Indian as well. It's ashame that most of us doesn't know how to appreciate and complain about small things all the time. Not because you can afford to buy a ticket means you can treat anyone who serves you like [censor]. I see this all the time. I am proud to be indian but I am not proud of those indians who ruin our reputation just beacuse they didn't get what they want. Be a man and act maturely. I will still fly with Emirates. Compared to other airlines where the service is really crap, doesn't have much to offer on board, where every little thing you need you have to pay for plus cabin crew doesn't care about your needs. Emirates is still the most practical airline to fly with.

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  • Sm
      29th of Jul, 2010

    Whats the big deal in providing a catering service based on a region's cuisine ? Does only Emirates has this facility ?

    Many companies setting up sales / operations in India, cater to the local needs of the country. Do you accept this ? If Yes, the same is applicable to Emirates Airlines as well. Its an International flight catering heavily to the Indian segment (atleast in their service from DXB -> COK).

    Just because, they have mentioned "Chicken Biriyani" in their menu does not make them an Indian Friendly flight. They also need to live up to their promise of providing the offered, to the customer. If they are not doing so and mentioning an "apology" at the bottom, is definitely not acceptable. I am not a "frequent flyer", but I am a consumer who spents money and who do have demands.

    First time when I flew alone, I thought it was indeed the meal choice getting over. But when my wife faced the same issue after 10 days, I decided that it was more than just a coincidence. Then when I talked with my colleagues, they mentioned the same problem as well. All these cannot be mere coincidences.

    Based on the above, I strongly feel that I have acted "maturely". To raise a valid concern on behalf of himself / herself and for others is definitely not immaturity.

    Do you accept buying an iPhone from a dealer, having a scratch on it, after spending a hefty amount on it ? Definitely you wont, even if there is an apology note on the phone. You can still use the phone for all your needs, dont you ? Then why do you complain ?

    Thats the same reason why I complain. Whether its a phone or television or a service or Emirates Airlines, being a consumer, if I am not satisfied, I will definitely complain.


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  • Sk
      29th of Jul, 2010

    @Sundheep: A customer who has paid money has the right to ask questions and give his comments on the product he purchased. SMJ has just done that. And dont be too emotional about Indians pulling their names down by complaining about "small" things. If you look around you will find a ton of foreigners going to some other country and bragging about the food and life there and complaining and comparing whenever there is a chance. And probably Indians like you would smile at them, and say "See, we need to improve!!". They almost take it as a hobby. I am only surprised at Indians like you who are blind to these things and jump up when someone complains from our country about a foreign flight. To be frank, i have flown on both Emirates and Etihad. And their service is quite different from Dubai to India compared to Europe to Dubai. And yes, they wouldnt have done the same treatment in Europe or US. Because people would have "bragged" and "complained" about it.
    All said, I would partially agree with you Sundheep that Emirates is still the best of the lot that i have flown. And its practical. The service is pretty good, but anyone who has eyes can see the difference in attitude and service between different routes.
    Personally i dont think that its going to change unless there is a price hike or gross complaints.

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  • Fi
      10th of Jan, 2011

    I totally agree that Skylark has a valid complaint and am appalled at the racism he has experienced as a result of this - shame on you all!
    I too have a valid complain against Emirates and was also dismayed to find no way of doing so directly to the company as they have absolutely NO complaints procedure!

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  • Yo
      10th of Jan, 2011

    Well posted SMJ !!!

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  • Ab
      4th of Dec, 2011

    Gurkhas are relible if not tell me

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