Emirates Airlines Flight / offloaded in dubai without consent or compensation

[email protected], Inverness, Scotland, Highlands and Islands, United Kingdom

I booked a flight from glasgow to sydney on emirates, departing 22nd february and arriving in sydney on the 23rd. My flight number was ek0026 from glasgow and ek 5002 from dubai. I arrived in dubai with plenty of time to make my connecting flight and was at the gate 40 minutes before departure. When the staff member scanned my boarding pass as I was boarding the flight, the computer did not recognise my boarding pass. I was asked to stand aside with 3 other female passengers. We were then told to follow a staff member who speedily led us to a central reception desk where we waited for 2 hours to be attended to. During this time we had no idea why we were not able to board our flight. When we were finally seen we were told that our seats had been sold and that we wouldn't get another flight for 24 hours. We had to ask for meal vouchers as they were not voluntarily issued by the airline and the vouchers were only adequate for one meal. We had to continually request more vouchers to see us through the 24 hour lay over. We were not offered any compensation other than the meal vouchers. No accommodation was provided and no apology was given. We asked one staff member if our alternative flight had been booked and he assured us it had. We later found out that the flight had not been booked and we had to go back to the desk and go through the booking process for a second time.
When I finally arrived in sydney, my luggage was delayed by 2 days and I had important medication in my suitcase. I had to go without my pills for 3 days.
I feel that this is not a decent practice and would like some explanation form emirates as to why this occurred. I was not satisfied with the service at dubai airport by emirates staff.

Mar 7, 2014

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