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To however may concern. I fly from vancouver to san fransisco and from there to dubai and than to tehran.
I had to bags and I give them in yvr airport tag # for my bags are:ua81986 and ua810987 but I did not receive them on tehran airport. I report it to airport security and I made a file my file number is ikaek35271 and my ticket number is etkt and my flight # and date is: ua305/30jun/ek226/30jun/ek975/02july
This is all of my information.
I came to tehran because of my uncle wedding and I paid lots extra money to be here in tehran on july 2
My suet and all of my personal things and my gifts for my uncle are in my bag and I have to have it today before 2 pm local time or either I will go and buy new gift and suet and I will sue emirates for that.
My home phone number in tehran starting with area code is 021 [protected] and my cell number is [protected]. And my email is mehdi. [protected]
Please let me know as soon as possible.


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      Nov 24, 2009

    Emirates Airline is the worst airline - even Air Zimbabwe has a better track record.
    They lost our baggage and for three days on arrival in Dubai we had no clothes and could not even compensate us. Worse still there was a lady Mrs Ping who would not help us at all. it was only when we phoned again and again that we got some joy with a person by the name of Beavin.
    I am truly disgusted at the staff ...they also seem to be racist as on more than one occasion I noticed that they were vey polite to the white skinned persons but anyone of asian or indian origin was treated as a nuisance.
    I will never travel this airline again and would encourage as many people from southern africa not to do also because we can definately find alternative airlines and so what if you have to spend a day or two in qatar or another gulf state - at the end of the day we go to the gulf region as investors and need to travel frequently to dubai but not necessarily with the awful Emirates Airline... others can give us a better deal any day.
    I always remember what my late father used to say - that people don't buy things from you by looking at your face - its the service and goods you deliver that make you sell well, - so, if emirates give you attitude support other airlines - you'll still get to your destination and beautifully also.

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