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to whom it may concern,
most respectfully I am obliged to inform Emirates Authority about my bad experince this time. I had been flying Emirates for more than 10 years and have flew various destinations, only this time I had shock of my life when the emirates staff were impolite and rude to me. It happened on 6th of April 2009, I had direct flight from dubai to toront and I was flying economy class with the infant (15months). 3 weeks prior to departure I personally came to Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 to confirm my bassinet seat and was told by the Manager (Indian guy) that it is confirmed and he said that almost 3 times, the day of departure on entering the plane I was surprised to see that I had been issued seat between 2 passengers, I reported that to your respective crew members and the Ground crew Manager was v v rude and was totally not helpful to me. I have no reason to tell you that a single parent travelling with an infant should have the priority to bassinet seat, you would not imagine how terrible the flight was I had the baby on my lap the whole time (13 hours). I had been put through mental and physical stress, Even my baby felt sick post flight and still is recovering from it. Whatever you reason might be it is totally not acceptable that for sake of making money you put your customers through this, if there were not any bassinet seats available I would have been extremely grateful if your staff would have informed me and told me to change the flight. I understand there is a penalty to it I dont mind paying if your staff would have been honest to me. I woudl appreciate if proper action is taken against it and the airline saves me the trouble of taking the issue to higher authorities.
thanking you in gratification.
Dr Hajra H Mirza

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      Jan 20, 2010

    Oh I'm really sorry about the pain u had. Once with thai airways I got the same seating, but I strictly decline to travel that way. there were people who did not have babbies and were seating at the bassinet seat. and air hostesses were requesting them. they were not willing to change because of the leg space, but there was one very nice lady, she gave me her seat.
    I'm not able to understand, why do the airline people allow bassinet seat to people travleing without infant. they shoud improve there system. I'm going to travell with Emirates next week with 1 infant and 1 toddler, and I dont have bassinet seat. but they say, they will give me bassinet seat at the time of chek -in.
    I'm praying for this, really I'm . coz it is 15 hrs journey.
    I'm requesting here to everybody to please, do not ever take bassinet seat, if u r not traveling with infant. A request from mother

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