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Emirates Airline / nightmare on emirates flights

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Dear mam / sir,
Subject: nightmare on emirates flights ek 0515 and ek 0203
It has been 20 days since I flew to the us from india on emirates flights ek 0515 and ek 0203 and I feel that I am finally calm enough to write in to you and do my duty as a customer and give you my feedback. The emirates flights ek 0515 and ek 0203 where nothing short of a nightmare for me and my children. My ticket details are mentioned below
Delhi ek 0515 w 15oct 2150 we1yin1 15oct 15oct 2pc ok

Dubai ek 0203 w 16oct 0200 we1yin1 16oct 16oct 2pc ok
I was travelling to new york, usa with my two small children, age 4 and age 1 year 3 months. While I did not expect help the entire duration, I certainly expected basic service and good manners. I guess that was way too much to ask. Please find below exact situations as they occurred to both me as well as a few co-passengers.
1) on the flight from delhi to dubai, I was carrying my infant in one arm and my hand baggage in the other, I was struggling to put the baggage into the overhead compartment. The flight stewardess just stares politely at me waiting for me to finish the job on my own. Thank god a fellow passenger offered to help me.
2) it was the same while disembarking.
3) after dinner on the flight ek 0515, my daughter wanted to sleep, so I requested a stewardess as she was crossing me, if she could please clear the tray from my daughter’s table as it was difficult for me to move as my son was asleep on my lap. She said that she would do it in a bit and that I could do it myself if I wanted !!. I had to wake my son up so that I could move to put the tray on the ground.
4) on the flight from dubai to new york, I was in the middle aisle. There were four seats in the middle aisle, the two in the middle where occupied by my daughter and me, the other aisle seats were occupied by an indian gentleman and a lady from new york. My baby was on my lap. Even though I requested for it, no bassinet was provided on either flight.
5) despite trying to call the air hostess no one ever came.
6) i had to getup & ldquo;find” an airhostess and request them for hot water so that I could make some milk for my baby.
7) while offering food, I missed out on 2 meals because the airhostesses were not offering anything to anyone in the middle seats. I know because I actually observed them taking that quick trip down the aisle and ignoring the customers in the middle seats. I had to call them back and request for my food.
8) the gentleman next to me had his breakfast, he then wanted some water, when he called the air hostess and asked her for a glass her response was and I quote & ldquo;i asked you two times if you want water, you had juice, now you want water. Fine i’ll get you !!”. The gentleman was needless to say embarrassed.
9) as I mentioned I was travelling alone, so a trip to the washroom for the kids was tough enough. After giving up on any kind of help I took my daughter to the washroom, while carrying my baby in my arms. This steward comes up to me and proceeds to loudly & ldquo;scold” me. He said & ldquo;mam do you know that only 2 people are allowed into the bathroom” I responded that I was aware and that he needed to give me a solution and not state the problem. Again not listening he goes on & ldquo;are you aware that all of you will die if you go in together as there are only 2 masks inside”. Again I stated that I knew about the problem but he had to provide a solution. He then says & ldquo;why can’t you leave your baby with your husband?”. To which I informed him that I was travelling all alone and that no one responded even when I had hit the call button. Then finally he offered to hold my baby. Scared, my son went to him very reluctantly.In the washroom my daughter, now completely terrified, broke down telling me that & ldquo;the bad man said we were going to die”. When we came out I informed the steward that he had very efficiently terrified my daughter and that he needed to check what words he used and also to check his facts before he pounced on customers.
10) three hours before we reached new york, as finally both my children were asleep, I requested the airhostess if I could please have the immigration forms the i94 as it would be easier for me to fill while the kids were sleeping. I did not get any forms !! I got it two hours later, when both my kids where awake. Thankfully again, the lady sitting next to me, helped with my children while I quickly filled the forms up.
11) again a co-passenger helped me with my hand-baggage.
12) on arrival I found my stroller thrown next to the baggage area. My stroller was broken. The entire piece that fits into the front of the stroller, which serves as a table for my baby, was missing. I asked the help at the airport if they could locate it, but it was not to be found. I was way too tired and disgusted to even bother to stand in line to file a complaint.

I do not know if my words have done any justice to the way I felt and still feel about the service my co-passengers and I received on that flight. I have no idea how my daughter will react to the concept of flying again with as she puts it & ldquo;that bad man who told her that she will die”.

Mam / sir, I have been on several flights, but never have I ever received such horrendous service. It has been 17 days since I arrived here and I am only filled with dread about my flight back. But the only thing I can do is hope that some action is taken and when I eventually do fly back on the 31st of jan, I hope to find emirates have stewards and stewardesses who know what being a flight attendant is all about. Who will know how to treat their customers and aim for customer satisfaction if not customer delight. Who will know of the concept of & ldquo;service with a smile” and not walk around with smug looks on their faces afraid to do anything, god forbid they may break a nail !! I seriously hope that you will look into this matter and do the needful before this matter escalates and goes out of control.

Rather than just walking away, I have decided, this time, to be a customer who makes the effort to actually give feedback. I believe in second chances and so whatever the experience, I will definitely write in again once I fly back to india. So I sincerely hope that you do what is required and my feedback is, I hope, as you put it & ldquo;valued feedback”.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs shirene sethi

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      21st of Aug, 2012
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    Emirates Airline - 3rd Grade Travel
    United Arab Emirates

    I was traveling on Emirates EK506 on August 12, 2012 from Dubai to Mumbai on Business Class, however the Air conditioners was not functional thought the flight (the temperature was 29-30 Deg) and it felt that I was traveling in a street taxi in Mumbai, after several complains I was told that this would be taken up with the senior members. I has requested the Company to refund me the complete Airfare back or re issue me a business class ticket, however till date there is no response in return from the company. This is a really appalling service from an Airline of high repute.

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