Emirates Airines / bad attitude and pathetic working style

United Arab Emirates

The reason for writing this mail is to bring to your notice about the flight which was a nightmarre for me .I was travelling from damascus on 7th feb by EK914 which was a 16.50 flight .we were standing in the quaeu for 2 hrs to do the check in and there were only 2 people to cater to the almost 200 travellers who was also very slow .The best part was we were standing in que and there were people who were just walking to the counter and getting their boarding pass because they speak arabic and we all asians were standing there like fools .when i spoke to the counter lady she acted a deaf ear to what i was saying, so i went to the manager and complaint to which he said they are syrians and i cant do anything about it, we have been fighting on this for last 11 yrs and still couldnt change them .which was a surprising comment to come from a manager as we are the customers for emirates not syrian airport.hence the flight was delayed by 2 hrs and there was so much of confusion inside the plane with all wrong seat numbers and all .
I would like the emirates airlines to pay some attension to this kind of situation and increase your staff at the airport so that you dont have dissatisfied customers.i would also like to comment that in the flight when you have 80% of your customers who are asians like Indians and pakistanis, and who has to go through this discrimination .Its a very shameful thing for a reputed airlines like emirates to act in this manner .It was a very badly managed flight and the flight has become a nightmare .

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